Bootlegger Cardiff Event

I am back again with another review! This time I was very kindly invited to Bootlegger in Cardiff which is a new 1940s, Post-Prohibition Jazz and Cocktail Bar which is on Womanby Street, Cardiff.

Firstly, I adore Jazz music and anything to do with the 1940s. I also just completed a university project where I decided to design a 1940s Jazz Club in 3D. But enough rambling about me..

Bootlegger has it’s first bar in Bristol and has had a huge success since it has opened! So, why not open more elsewhere?
I believe that Cardiff has definitely needed this bar, as I personally am fed up of going to the same clubs, with the same genre of music, the same Justin Bieber songs will play..
I need some jazz, blues, soul, motown and right now!


Bootlegger Cardiff has been absolutely transformed and is such a gorgeous building now! It is full of wooden floors, red brick walls, intricate wall decors and the most incredible genre of music floating around in the background.

We were very lucky to taste a few of their cocktails and believe me, there are a lot of cocktails on their menu (107, to be precise..) so you will never get bored of any flavours, although you’ll have a tough time deciding! I went for a Jaffa Cake Espresso Martini which blew my mind! Firstly, it has chocolate in it which is always a winner in my eyes. It has such a rich espresso taste that completely compliments the orange and chocolate – and even comes with a jaffa cake on the rim too!


There was such a great atmosphere here and they even have live musicians and singers come into Bootlegger who were outstanding – such beautiful voices!

I would highly recommend checking it out, especially if you want to escape the generic night clubs that are everywhere. They also have a Gin Bar too and additional rooms so there is always room for all sorts of occasions at Bootlegger, whether it’s a casual drink, an event, a full blown night of alcohol and excitement..

A huge thank you to Lee and Drew for an amazing evening with great entertainment – we cannot wait to visit again! 2 cocktails down, another 105 to go!

Don’t forget to check out their Website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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My Time at the Netflix Apartment

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My Time at the Netflix Apartment

A Netflix event sounds incredible, right? I was so fortunate to attend Netflix’s event at the St David’s Hotel in Cardiff for a great evening of teaser trailers and exclusives for their upcoming shows for 2017.

We walk up to the front door of the apartment which bares a sign with Netflix written on it. We are then greeted and filled with such warm welcomes to the apartment which looks absolutely incredible. The apartment is adorned with Netflix branded cushions, notepads, pillows, photo frames and so much more. There is a huge table filled with all of the beverages you could imagine from Champagne, Prosecco to bottles of Lager and soft drinks.
From the apartment, you get an incredible view from the ceiling to floor windows looking out along Cardiff Bay which is a sight I never can get tired of!


We get to know each other, introduce ourselves and give a brief background of our lives and almost instantly we burst out into conversations of TV Series, films and different platforms that we watch Netflix on.

We are then shown some really exciting teaser trailers from upcoming shows for 2017 that include 13 Reasons Why (this is based on the book by Jay Asher, which a review is coming up shortly!) and Mindhunter which instantly reeled me in just from the teaser trailer!
I have a ‘What shows am I looking forward to in 2017’ post coming up in a few days where I go into more detail about both of these shows and more. I have left links on each title to Netflix’s website so you can go watch the teaser trailers now.


The champagne is still in full flow, we are so kindly served canapés and macarons throughout the evening and I knew it was time that I had a photo opportunity with the Netflix Bed (Hey, I couldn’t resist – those cushions were a must!)


I would like to thank Netflix and the team so much for the incredible event and for inviting us along. We had such an amazing time, so appreciative for getting to see exclusive clips of upcoming shows that I am dying to watch and hope to stay in contact and see some future events to spread the word about even more great shows coming to us!

Now, less of me rambling on and more of me getting my Netflix binge started for the day!
Do you guys love Netflix? Which shows are you currently binging? I would love to know!

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Let’s Talk About Respect

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Let’s talk about respect..

I don’t know about you, but I was always brought up to be very polite and respect others.

Have you ever thought about how the older generation feel deep down and how you can make an impact on them?

One thing I REALLY hate is when people look down on elderly people, don’t respect them or take the p*ss out of them. You think about it, that is going to be you one day. Would you like it if you were intimidated, scared or laughed at by the younger generation? How would you feel?

You might think that they are ‘smaller, weaker and more frail’ than you but they have some of the biggest personalities and are full of experience..
I personally find elderly people to be some of the most interesting people I have ever met. They are full of experiences and so so so many stories that inspire me. I could talk to them for hours about their lifestyles, past careers, past relationships.. They are so full of knowledge, have most probably done so much more than you in your life time, might have served in a war, might have made a huge contribution to the way you live your life..

I saw a programme on BBC with the Hairy Bikers last year, where they pair up high school students with an elderly person to give them company and to share their values and experiences to possibly become friends. It was such an amazing programme, but it also let you know about the struggles and worries that they go through as well, such as feeling lonely as family either do not visit or they have no family. They also tell you about feeling threatened or intimidated by youths within their community and would rather stay in their homes. It is such an upsetting thought for me to take in and wish I could help every single one of them with my company.

When I was younger, I would talk to my Grandfather for hours on end and I was fascinated with World War II, so he would tell me all about his experience within the navy. He was such an inspirational man and I would love to still have him around to share more memories with. Unfortunately I never got to meet my Grandmother from that side of the family as she became ill at a young age.

For my other side of the family, I do know them but they have never really made the effort with me and my brother which is a shame as we could’ve made memories along the same lines as with my other half of the family.

I would really love to have grandparents still here that I am really close with, I always envy people that still have a full family around and am completely in awe!

I have seen people in public, mainly the younger generation that if an elderly person starts speaking to them they will laugh with their friends and make a gesture as if they are weird. This kills me inside, have some respect for others. They might be feeling so lonely and this is their only opportunity to speak to people for the whole day or even week, by going outdoors and meeting others.

I am loving the last few years of Christmas adverts where it shows awareness of people feeling lonely celebrating Christmas by themselves, as much as it breaks my heart.

I have met some of the most incredible and adorable customers whilst at work, whether that was when I was working at ASDA, GAME, anywhere..
I have even had customers become a regular as they really appreciate somebody having a conversation with them. I use to have a regular gentleman that would come into ASDA mainly on a Saturday to get a few bits and bobs. He was a petite and quite frail gentleman but had so much life in his eyes and really just wanted somebody to talk to. I would talk to him, joke about ‘Coming in for you weekly trifle again?’ and walk around the store with him picking up bits for him.

Sometimes people just need a chat to make their day complete.

I would really like to know if there are any volunteering opportunities around my area where you can somehow share your conversations and company with others that need someone to talk to. I will get into my research, but if you know of any then please, please let me know down below.

So here is where I cut the rambling and let you guys to the talking!
What are your opinions on this? Or your pet peeves? What REALLY annoys you whilst out in public? Let me know!

Also, a huge thank you to FashionWorked for inspiring this post, go check the blog out!

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Book Review: The Sky Is Everywhere

Review: The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

I received a free copy of The Sky Is Everywhere in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own.

Title: The Sky Is Everywhere

Author: Jandy Nelson

Purchase: Available in the UK and preorder for the US.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Great For: Young Adult

Themes: Struggles, Life and Death, Bringing good from unfortunate times

Review: That’s right, there is another Jandy Nelson that has had so much hype over and I can definitely see why people do. I wasn’t completely in love with the book but it is such an intriguing read and you won’t want to put it down!

‘The Sky Is Everywhere’ is about a girl called Lennie who has recently lost her sister, Bailey. Her sister suddenly passed away and Lennie has to learn how to carry on with life without her beloved sister. She is desperately holding onto her sisters memories and possessions and is finding it so hard to believe she isn’t around anymore. The same goes for her sister’s boyfriend, who opens up about a lot of undiscovered things about their relationship (I won’t spoil the storyline for you, don’t worry!)

As life goes on, Lennie doesn’t progress with it.. She is still holding onto her sisters memories and hasn’t been able to go to high school the same since. Everyone stares at her, asks how she is doing every day which is a constant reminder that her sister isn’t there anymore.

She meets a new guy to her class (Joe) who hasn’t been filled in on all of the ‘gossip’ of the school and he is also very cute! He starts to talk to Lennie and finally she feels a sense of trust within somebody that doesn’t know about her sister. With Joe, she feels like she can really be her normal self again without any judgement or sympathy.
Could this be a new friendship or maybe even more?

In this story, there are a lot of family values involved, the ups and downs of relationships, struggles and trying to get through the hard times and try to see a positive at the end of it.
There is so much more to this book than just what I have mentioned, but I don’t want to spoil the whole storyline so I will leave it here.
But if you really want a heartwarming story about loss, friendship and family, then I would highly recommend having a read of this! It was a pretty quick and easy read for me too – so give it a go!

Don’t forget you can purchase it from Amazon UK and here.
If you are looking for more Book Reviews, then pop over to United By Pop where myself and others contribute and share our reviews on Books, TV Series, Fashion, Lifestyle, Film..

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Review: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Title: Ready Player One

Author: Ernest Cline

Purchase: Available in the UK and the US.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Great For: Fans of Sci-Fi and Video Games

Themes: Science Fiction, Adventure, Video Games

I know that I have already written a review on this book in the past, but I really think it deserves to be in the limelight again, especially before it is made into a film by Steven Spielberg!

Review: Here comes a review of my all time favourite book that I discovered in 2011. It was so incredible and took me on a complete adventure that I have reread it over and over ever since, then thought ‘Hey, why not give it some love and write a review?!’

Player Begin.
This book is set in a dystopian and corrupt world, so corrupt that the human population live their lives through the world of Virtual Reality headsets. They go to school, go to work, creating a living, hang out with friends, all through a VR headset.

Where did this VR Headset come from? How did it get created?
There was a man who is seen as such an inspiration that created this world to make life worth living, a life that still had opportunity and hope. Although, once the creator died he broadcast a video to the whole VR world publicising that he had created a game, a puzzle within the VR world. The people of this world have to find a clue to start the game, complete each level and defeat several bosses. If they succeed, then the winner will gain the creators life time’s earnings.

I feel like I really should not say any more about this storyline as it immediately drags you in. Not forgetting that Steven Spielberg is currently making a film adaptation of this book. The book is full of classic video game, Star Wars and other Science Fiction quotes throughout too..

There are not enough words that I can say about this book, it is just outstanding and is so fast-paced that you will not want to put it down!


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Wishes Firework Spectacular Dessert Party

Hello again, I am carrying on with the Disney series with my next post: Wishes Dessert Party.

You might have seen this advertised online or have walked past the event inside the Magic Kingdom (or similar events in the other parks) and have wondered about them, so I will fill you all in on the experience!

Firstly, at the Disney parks they have Dessert parties which are usually themed such as:

Magic Kingdom – Wishes Fireworks Spectacular (Standing: $59 per adult, $35 per child – Seated: $79 per adult, $47 per child)
Epcot – Illuminations Fireworks ($49 per adult, $29 per child)
Hollywood Studios – Star Wars Galactic Spectacular ($69 per adult, $39 per child)

At the Wishes Fireworks Spectacular Dessert Party, you can either opt for a seated party ($79 per adult, $47 per child) where you remain seated and still eating during the fireworks – or you can go for the Standing option ($49 per adult, $29 per child), where you still get to sit and eat your food, but will be escorted to a VIP Viewing Area to watch the fireworks directly in front of the castle – brilliant views!

Illuminations at Epcot has a variety of desserts from all around the world that you can try unlimited, whilst watching the firework show with a great view of the barge.

The Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party includes alcoholic beverages (Star Wars themed, of course), Darth Vader cupcakes and after eating as much dessert as you possibly can, you will be escorted to a VIP Viewing Area for the fireworks show.

Personally, I haven’t done the dessert parties at Epcot or Hollywood Studios but I have done both at Magic Kingdom. Basically, we always walked past the dessert party each year wondering what it was and it was always sold out. So my dad booked a surprise for me, my brother and his girlfriend to all go to the Seated Dessert Party!
The second time we went was so that my mother can have the experience too, and we found out that they brought out a cheaper version of the party but just standing which was great. Here’s a photo of us after the dessert party, absolutely stuffed outside the Cinderella Castle!


For the seated event, you turn up to Tomorrowland Terrace to check in and are then seated at a table. You are quickly shown around the set up, where to get your certain items from and then you are left to go crazy and stuff yourself silly with cakes and desserts!
For this event, you remain in your seats and can keep going up for desserts during the show. Whilst at the standing event, you come into the same Tomorrowland Terrace again but into a cornered off area (you get the same desserts as the seated event) but they escort you to the VIP Viewing Area just before the show.

I would definitely recommend going to the Standing event over the seated, as much as I loved the both I found that at the seated, you had to stand up and move towards the edge to see all of the fireworks in the sky, if you aren’t sat along the edge.
Also, it is quite a pricey event and you definitely need to get your money’s worth out of this – expect to feel pretty sick from desserts like we all were haha! I would definitely go for the standing event to save that extra $20!

What sort of desserts are at the event?
Rice Krispy treats covered in chocolate, Chocolate covered strawberries, Tiramisu, Mickey Oreo cookies, Tinkerbell and Olaf cupcakes, cheese platters and so much more..
Here are a few photos of the desserts we had!
(The first time I was glad that I picked up one of everything, as I went back the second time there was a lot less choice available – although this didn’t happen at the standing event! It really just depends on the day!).


You also get unlimited drinks in these packages too (depends on the varieties they have, they will have examples like sparkling wine, non alcoholic apple cider, hot cocoa..

If you are thinking of going to one of these events, I would highly recommend the Magic Kingdom for the money as it is just so iconic to see the castle light up, watch Wishes and to have that most magical moment to remember. I had such an amazing time at the dessert party, although we doubt we will go again only as we felt like we could not get our money’s worth for around $60 each within the time frame we had.
I wish they would make it a day event, so you can pop into the Tomorrowland Terrace to pick up desserts all day long, when you feel like some and then go to watch the Fireworks afterwards – I felt like I was stuffing my face for the sake of it which tasted amazing, but still..a little greedy!

So I hope I helped a little on what to expect from the Dessert parties (although I haven’t done the Epcot or Hollywood Studios ones). Let me know if you would like to know anything else, leave a comment below!

Have you been to a dessert party at Walt Disney World? Is this your ‘cup of tea’?
Have a magical day,

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

I know it is past Christmas, but I feel like I really need to do a review on Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Walt Disney World in Orlando. I believe that this might come in handy if people are planning on booking a Christmas getaway this year (and for future, of course!)

Firstly, to get the pricing out of the way.. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is at an additional cost. So you basically have to purchase a ticket for the party which is usually from 6/7pm until midnight (early entry into the park from 4pm). The tickets are priced differently as they are slightly cheaper before the major dates in December, but when I went on the 23rd December it was $99 per adult plus tax and $94 for a child.
Although saying this, keep in mind that if you already have an annual pass you can get a small discount on these tickets!

The great thing about this event is that some families enjoy attending whilst dressed in their pyjamas and Christmas hats which was really fun to see (although I was a little jealous of how comfy they looked!)

What is Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party?
It is a festive party where the park is completely transformed, filled with Christmas music, lots of free cookies and hot cocoa being given out and you get to see the Christmas parades and meet exclusive characters in their appropriate attire for the event!


Is the party worth the $99?
Personally, I would say that if it was $59, then I would say yes as it is a really fun event and you get to meet the characters in costumes that they usually wouldn’t wear! But to be honest, as you get closer to Christmas Day the parks tend to roll out the exact same Christmas parades that you were paying to see to the general public on a normal day.
I would definitely say that if you are really into meeting your characters then I would recommend it, especially if you are going to get your moneys worth of cookies too!

An upside to the event is that most people are going to be seeing the parades, shows and meeting characters so this means that the attraction times are usually reduced quite a bit. There are a limited amount of tickets for each night of the event, so the park will be much quieter when you are there but still expect long queues for the character meet and greets!


What is the food and drink like?
At the event, they have ‘Treat Trails’ or a station that is called something along those lines. You basically have your Very Merry wristband on (they give it to you at the entrance of the park) and you can queue up for unlimited cookies, hot cocoa and eggnog. Each station tries to have a variety of flavours for you to try, for example they had Ginger Cookies, Peppermint Bark, Molasses..

Did I enjoy it?
I really did enjoy the event, it was a first time for me and I do understand that it was pricey but it was really nice to have the opportunity to get some really nice festive photos with characters that I usually wouldn’t have gotten to meet AND all in their festive gear (like in my photos!).
I really enjoyed that it was quiet in the park too although the event had already sold out, the only negative thing I have to say about the event is that it’s expensive and we were in Orlando during the main Christmas week so we saw the exact same parades on the run up to Christmas as we did at Very Merry which was a little gutting as we did pay for that advantage!
The event did make me feel really christmassy and festive though and I had a fab time there but personally I would not spend the $99 to do it again – it was lovely the first time, but I feel that at that price it’s more of a ‘one opportunity’ kind of event for me and my family!

Is there anything else you’d like to know about Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party? Let me know!
Have you been before? What did you think about it? Enjoy it? Worth the money or not?

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