You'll have to bare with me..

Like the title says, you’ll have to bare with me for a little bit as like I have said in the past, the wifi in…

Like the title says, you’ll have to bare with me for a little bit as like I have said in the past, the wifi in New Zealand is pretty poor in the places that I have been to! So, it doesn’t look like I’ll get much chance to upload posts for a little while. I’m very sad. 🙁

I’ll explain.
I was going to stay in New Zealand for another 2 months, to get a job but I have realised that by the time I get a job (2 weeks minimum), there won’t be much point in me working for just 3-4 weeks. I’ll probably end up on the same money that I have now.
So, I am going back up to Auckland tomorrow to be on the safe side, as I have asked STA Travel to change my flights for Fiji & America for ASAP, so I just want to be there that I can leave whenever I need to.
I just hope it’s soon as I really don’t want to keep spending money on hostels and food, whilst I’m waiting around to go somewhere new!

And about the wifi, Auckland doesn’t have much wifi that I can connect to, or is fast enough to blog and upload photos/videos on. The hostel one always crashes (like my Wellington one recently) and just hardly works!

So, I have no exact idea to when I am going to get wifi to do all of these posts for you guys!
If my hotel in Fiji has wifi, great – although I’m using the time to relax. But, I will try – I have heard the wifi is very VERY expensive there. So maybe I’ll wait until I get to America. But don’t worry, in the meantime, I will be writing up the blogposts into Pages anyway and saving my images to go with them and I will post them as soon as I can!

Although I am sad to be finishing my travelling sooner, I just think that it’s the wisest choice for me. I am also sort of looking forward to going home at the same time, to my own room, to have all of my belongings again, see my friends and family, eat monster munch and trifle, play on my xbox, sort out my wardrobe and start all over again and then try to sort myself out, ready for the new year!

Prepare for a lot of drafts to be written today! I don’t want to fall behind!

Let me know what you think!

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