Wishes Firework Spectacular Dessert Party

A review on my experience at the Dessert Parties at Walt Disney World, Orlando!

Hello again, I am carrying on with the Disney series with my next post: Wishes Dessert Party.

You might have seen this advertised online or have walked past the event inside the Magic Kingdom (or similar events in the other parks) and have wondered about them, so I will fill you all in on the experience!

What is a Dessert Party?

At the Disney parks they have Dessert parties which are usually themed such as:

Magic Kingdom – Wishes Fireworks Spectacular (Standing: $59 per adult, $35 per child – Seated: $79 per adult, $47 per child)
Epcot – Illuminations Fireworks ($49 per adult, $29 per child)
Hollywood Studios – Star Wars Galactic Spectacular ($69 per adult, $39 per child)

Magic Kingdom

At the Wishes Fireworks Spectacular Dessert Party, you can either opt for a seated party ($79 per adult, $47 per child) where you remain seated and still eating during the fireworks – or you can go for the Standing option ($49 per adult, $29 per child), where you still get to sit and eat your food, but will be escorted to a VIP Viewing Area to watch the fireworks directly in front of the castle – brilliant views!


Illuminations at Epcot has a variety of desserts from all around the world that you can try unlimited, whilst watching the firework show with a great view of the barge.

Hollywood Studios

The Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party includes alcoholic beverages (Star Wars themed, of course), Darth Vader cupcakes and after eating as much dessert as you possibly can, you will be escorted to a VIP Viewing Area for the fireworks show.

Personally, I haven’t done the dessert parties at Epcot or Hollywood Studios but I have done both at Magic Kingdom. Basically, we always walked past the dessert party each year wondering what it was and it was always sold out. So my dad booked a surprise for me, my brother and his girlfriend to all go to the Seated Dessert Party!
The second time we went was so that my mother can have the experience too. We also found out that they brought out a cheaper version of the party but just standing which was great. Here’s a photo of us after the dessert party, absolutely stuffed outside the Cinderella Castle!


What happens at the Dessert Party?

For the seated event, you turn up to Tomorrowland Terrace to check in and are then seated at a table. You are quickly shown around the set up, where to get your certain items from and then you are left to go crazy and stuff yourself silly with cakes and desserts!
For this event, you remain in your seats and can keep going up for desserts during the show. Whilst at the standing event, you come into the same Tomorrowland Terrace again but into a cornered off area (you get the same desserts as the seated event) but they escort you to the VIP Viewing Area just before the show.

I would definitely recommend going to the Standing event over the seated, as much as I loved the both I found that at the seated, you had to stand up and move towards the edge to see all of the fireworks in the sky, if you aren’t sat along the edge.
Also, it is quite a pricey event and you definitely need to get your money’s worth out of this – expect to feel pretty sick from desserts like we all were haha! I would definitely go for the standing event to save that extra $20!

What sort of desserts are at the event?

Rice Krispy treats covered in chocolate, Chocolate covered strawberries, Tiramisu, Mickey Oreo cookies, Tinkerbell and Olaf cupcakes, cheese platters and so much more..
Here are a few photos of the desserts we had!
(The first time I was glad that I picked up one of everything, as I went back the second time there was a lot less choice available – although this didn’t happen at the standing event! It really just depends on the day!).


You also get unlimited drinks in these packages too (depends on the varieties they have, they will have examples like sparkling wine, non alcoholic apple cider, hot cocoa..

If you are thinking of going to one of these events, I would highly recommend the Magic Kingdom for the money as it is just so iconic to see the castle light up, watch Wishes and to have that most magical moment to remember. I had such an amazing time at the dessert party, although we doubt we will go again only as we felt like we could not get our money’s worth for around $60 each within the time frame we had.
I wish they would make it a day event, so you can pop into the Tomorrowland Terrace to pick up desserts all day long, when you feel like some and then go to watch the Fireworks afterwards – I felt like I was stuffing my face for the sake of it which tasted amazing, but still..a little greedy!

So I hope I helped a little on what to expect from the Dessert parties (although I haven’t done the Epcot or Hollywood Studios ones). Let me know if you would like to know anything else, leave a comment below!

Have you been to a dessert party at Walt Disney World?

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