Want to minimise costs whilst travelling?

How to minimise the costs when travelling abroad It’s perhaps the biggest concern for travellers across the world – how can you make your budget…

How to minimise the costs when travelling abroad

It’s perhaps the biggest concern for travellers across the world – how can you make your budget stretch for as long as possible? Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to keep the money going for as long as you want or need it to. Here are just a few ways to keep the costs low when abroad.

Create a daily budget

One of the most effective and proven ways to save money when travelling is by establishing a daily budget for yourself. By doing this, you’re allocating your funds to things you know you’ll need to spend money on, whilst eliminating the possibility of going overboard.

Goats on the Road have published a handy guide that details their daily budget for different countries they’ve visited during their worldwide travels, so you can get a hint of how to do it yourself. Allocate money for food, transport and accommodation, and make sure to leave some spare for unexpected eventualities.

Make sure you have health insurance

One of the unexpected eventualities could be medical costs, which you’ll want to avoid when travelling – especially when they can reach to astronomical costs of hundreds and thousands. Take Germany, for example, where it’ll cost $120,000 (nearly £70,000) for an air ambulance to get to the Bavarian Alps on a skiing excursion.

Insurance will make sure you can avoid these costs and receive healthcare without the financial worry. It’s a shame that some of the most popular activities in certain countries, from skiing to motorbike riding, can end in these sky-high costs if something goes wrong. Keep your wits about you and be careful, and you can avoid disaster.

Plan in advance

It’s a tip that may go hand in hand with your daily budget, but it’s important enough to stand alone. Planning in advance eliminates any spontaneous costs that could potentially leave you out of pocket. Consider an itinerary that plans certain activities and excursions in advance.

By doing this, you’ll be certain of how much they cost and how much money you’ll have left over. There’s nothing worse than wanting to do a certain activity but not having enough money to do it, so by planning it far in advance you’ll be able to work your remaining budget around it.

Fly at unsociable hours

It may sound undesirable, but if you’re looking to save money, flying through the night is the best way to do it. Flights are always cheaper when you choose unsociable hours, meaning that you could potentially be saving thousands of pounds compared to travelling during peak times.

This is a handy tip not only for your flight from home to your destination, but if you’re hopping from country to country. By choosing to travel through the night you’ll be able to extend your travels for much less, and it will effectively give you more money for leisure as you continue to see the world.

Substitute luxury for sensibility

Sure, you may be easily allured by the sound of a five-star resort to reside in, or the rooftop bars in the city that everyone wants to flock to, but when you’re on a tight budget when travelling you’re going to have to make sensible decisions. Don’t forget that money comes first, and living a life of luxury probably isn’t possible.

Consider staying in hostels whilst holidaying. While the idea of a hostel may conjure up bad thoughts, don’t be fooled – many are clean, comfortable and full of joyous travellers that you can easily make friends with – here’s how. Who knows – you may end up finding your new travelling partner to continue your trip with.

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