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I am back with yet another extract for you! This time it is from Tracy Corbett’s newest novel ‘Starlight On The Palace Pier’. Tracy Corbett’s…

I am back with yet another extract for you! This time it is from Tracy Corbett’s newest novel ‘Starlight On The Palace Pier’.

Tracy Corbett’s newest novel is available on Amazon here:
Update from the future: I absolutely loved this book and am so glad that I got to share this with you all on my blog!  If you love a lighthearted, easy but relaxing read then this could be your next one!

I’m going to jump straight in and leave the extract here from Tracy Corbett’s book for you all..


Her mum went over to the hob, rubbing the small of her back. ‘Yes, well, my plans have been put on hold for a while. Like I said, with only two guests it seems pointless to furnish extra rooms when there’s no demand.’

Becca wondered what was going on. The guest house boasted nine rooms, all with en suite facilities and separate living areas. It was situated in a prime location on the seafront. And although there were still two rooms unfurnished, the place was normally full, even during the winter months. ‘But without extra rooms, you won’t be able to expand if demand picks up.’

‘The Carpenter’s Room and the Floral Suite are available.’

‘Which are both single rooms. You need at least another double.’ Becca filled the kettle, trying to be useful. ‘What’s going on? Is there something wrong?’

‘There’s nothing wrong.’ Her mum was a terrible liar.

She tried again. ‘Are you having money problems? Is that it?’

Her mum turned to face her. ‘I’m fine, sweetheart. Really. There’s nothing for you to worry about.’

Becca recognised the expression on her mum’s face; it was the one she wore herself when trying to convince the world she was okay about her dance career being over. A brave façade concealing the pain lying beneath. Well, she wasn’t fine. And neither, it seemed, was her mother.

But further delving would have to wait, as her cousin appeared in the kitchen. Becca rushed over and threw her arms around her. ‘It’s so good to see you!’

Jodi hugged her back, and then pulled away. ‘What the boggin’ hell have you done to your hair?’

Becca grinned. ‘Like it?’

Her cousin studied Becca’s blue-tipped hair tied into high bunches. ‘On anyone else it would look bonkers. On you it looks ridiculously cool…even if you do resemble a Smurf.’

Becca laughed. ‘Talking of hair.’ She fluffed up Jodi’s mass of black curls. ‘What happened to the cornrows?’

‘Too high-maintenance. I decided it was time to embrace the ’fro.’

‘I like it. It’s bang on trend.’

Jodi laughed. ‘Listen to you, Gok Wan.’

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