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Disneyland California Animation
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I documented my California trip!

Where have I been the last two weeks, you ask? California! It has been a long time coming.. Considering that we booked our holiday over a year ago (this is pretty rare for me, I’m usually a last minute person!). Me and my friend Glen booked our holiday to visit D23 mainly. What is D23? …

Kayak Franz Josef, New Zealand
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YouTube: Disastrous Kayaking in Franz Josef!

This was one of my favourite days in New Zealand – I loved every minute of it!
I say that it is ‘disastrous’ but just in the fact that we all kept sabotaging each other and rowing into trees and verges..
But as you can see, I am finally getting through my footage very slowly but surely! Lots more videos to come up, so keep your eyes peeled!

Do you want to go kayaking or have you been? Was it as disastrous as ours?

Travel YouTube

VLOG: New Zealand Pt. 1

I have finally got my hard drive working again and have put together a short video of some New Zealand footage I have! Expect a few video this week as I have so much footage from NZ, and I’ll be doing a separate video for Hobbiton and Franz Josef probably!

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