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New York Natural History Museum

New York Pt.1

New York New York! I returned to a city that I adored and simply did not have time to do everything the last time! I missed out on the Museums and Galleries last time, so my mission was to do the majority of my ‘Things I Missed’ list, although I did rush around like an …

Hoover Dam, Las Vegas

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam, here we come! *queue James Bond theme tune* We had some amazing scenery to take in on the drive from Las Vegas – it was a short drive (about 45 minutes) but super hot outside! First stop, the ‘monuments’? I’m not too sure what these are called, without guessing.. but they say that …

The Venetian Las Vegas

Las Vegas Pt. 1

Viva Las Vegas! Just a quick note, I had met my dad in Los Angeles, 2 weeks into my USA part of the trip and we travelled the remaining two weeks together on the West Coast. We jumped in the car from San Francisco, all the way to Las Vegas which was about a 8/9 …

Pearl Pacific Resort Fiji

My brief travels to Fiji!

I have now been back home for the last month – I got my old job back pretty much instantly, but in another store that I am loving at the moment, back on the car insurance so I’m on the road again and I am finally getting into a routine! So now that I’ve settled …


Cathedral Cove & Hot Water Beach

This was my first stop, when I carried on travelling from Auckland – I was a bit nervous to get back on the bus, but it was completely fine! Hot Water Bech was really pretty, it is in a really small area but if you go down to the beach and dig holes in-between certain …