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New York Natural History Museum

New York Pt.1

New York New York! I returned to a city that I adored and simply did not have time to do everything the last time! I missed out on the Museums and Galleries last time, so my mission was to do the majority of my ‘Things I Missed’ list, although I did rush around like an …


My University Experience.

I think it’s fair to say, that University was the best choice I ever made. Not only to graduate in BA Hons Graphic Communication, but for the experience and the friends that I have made. It’s a bitter sweet ending to university, as I reflect back and think of the amazing times I’ve had, but …


Heroine by MAC Lipstick Review

4 words: I adore this lipstick. It is completely different to most of my other MAC lipsticks but this is just so different.┬áIt took me ages to research Heroine and Violetta, but when it came down to it my flatmate was in New York and was picking me up one. In the end, they only …

Fujifilm Instax Wide California

Fujifilm Instax 200 Review

Want some adorable install photos to keep as great memories? Super easy and quick to do? Well, Fujifilm have you sorted.. Here is the Fujifilm Instax 200. I purchased this two years ago. I did originally want an old school polaroid camera but the film was rather expensive to get hold of as they are …