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My London Birthday Trip + Mini Haul!

I completely forgot to post this, when I had uploaded my vlog! But here it is – if you haven’t seen my blog post from my birthday, then I went to London with Glen to do a little bit of shopping and have a really good day out!
It was so much fun, as London always is and we both had a really good time.
There is a blog post of this London Haul, which includes the links to all of the items that I purchased!

So, don’t forget to check out my other vlogs if you haven’t already, and watch out as I am going to be posting some beauty related videos in the near future too!

Did you get anything good in the christmas sales at all? x


Superdrug & Poundland finds/mini-haul!

So, me and my flatmates are constantly eating at Pizza Hut for Happy Hour and it is right next to Poundland and Superdrug. My flatmates needed stuff, although I didn’t, but we had a browse. This happened. Firstly, we went to Superdrug. I have been thinking of repurchasing a face mask recently, as I have …