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Travel Log 03.04.15 – 30.04.15

Sunday 5th April I just lounged by the pool today and listened to my ipod. Nothing much! I then went to Soda Factory to see Atif, Steph and Sophie from H&M. Saturday 11th April Tonight we went to The Standard Bowl which is this really cool club, that has a bowling alley in it with …

Lifestyle Travel

TRAVEL LOG 02.03.15 – 16.03.15

02/03/15 I bumped into Isabel in the toilets this morning, so I have hung around with her and her friends all day! Everyone is so nice, and we went for dumplings for our lunch! 04/03/15 It’s the first day of the F1 set up today – there was a lot of lifting, unloading, construction and I know …