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Pantene Breakage Defence Conditioner - Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo - Schwarzkopf got2b Guardian Angel

January Boots Haul

So here we go again.. I needed to pick up some essentials in Boots and try not to end up purchasing things that I do not need (I’m aiming to reduce my spending!), so apologies for the basic items but I thought I’d still share them with you! Firstly, I need some new conditioner as …

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Book Related YouTube Videos?

I have come to notice that you guys are enjoying my posts on books a lot, so I am thinking of adding some Book content to my YouTube channel! Some book reviews, hauls, tbr’s, reading challenges.. What do you guys think? Let me know what you want to see on my channel! I would love …

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My London Birthday Trip + Mini Haul!

I completely forgot to post this, when I had uploaded my vlog! But here it is – if you haven’t seen my blog post from my birthday, then I went to London with Glen to do a little bit of shopping and have a really good day out!
It was so much fun, as London always is and we both had a really good time.
There is a blog post of this London Haul, which includes the links to all of the items that I purchased!

So, don’t forget to check out my other vlogs if you haven’t already, and watch out as I am going to be posting some beauty related videos in the near future too!

Did you get anything good in the christmas sales at all? x


Superdrug & Poundland finds/mini-haul!

So, me and my flatmates are constantly eating at Pizza Hut for Happy Hour and it is right next to Poundland and Superdrug. My flatmates needed stuff, although I didn’t, but we had a browse. This happened. Firstly, we went to Superdrug. I have been thinking of repurchasing a face mask recently, as I have …

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What I bought in London

    Yet again, me and Glen went to London but this time it was for my birthday (although we went the day after). I knew that I wanted to get a few things, although I didn’t end up buying most of them but I found some good bargains in Boots and HMV!The shops, especially …