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Pearl Pacific Resort Fiji

My brief travels to Fiji!

I have now been back home for the last month – I got my old job back pretty much instantly, but in another store that I am loving at the moment, back on the car insurance so I’m on the road again and I am finally getting into a routine! So now that I’ve settled …


You'll have to bare with me..

Like the title says, you’ll have to bare with me for a little bit as like I have said in the past, the wifi in New Zealand is pretty poor in the places that I have been to! So, it doesn’t look like I’ll get much chance to upload posts for a little while. I’m …

Lifestyle Travel

Packing Update!

I thought that I would start a little ‘Packing Update’ to get the travel posts going! I started to pack about a week ago and it surprisingly went quite smoothly! Anyway, here is my backpack! I have the Lowe Alpine Alpa Mayo 55:75, which I bought from Go Outdoors around April/May. This is a really …