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A Pinch Of Magic book cover on top of a blurred background. The book cover features a tower in the middle, with elements surrounding like crows, babushka's..

REVIEW: A Pinch Of Magic by Michelle Harrison

Title: A Pinch Of Magic Author: Michelle Harrison Rating: 5/5 Where can I purchase this book? Waterstones | Amazon | Book Depository (affiliate links)   What is the book about? Three magical objects with the power to change their fate.  Will they be enough to break the curse? Or will they lead the sisters even deeper into danger? On …


How to get unlimited ebooks and audiobooks

You are addicted to books, yes? You want to get your hands on a subscription that will give you unlimited books? Look no further!   What is Scribd? Scribd is an online subscription service where you have access to ebooks, audiobooks, sheet music, documents and so much more.. Unlike subscription services like Audible, you can …


Four books for £6.74?!

You read the title right, FOUR books for £6.74.. or maybe even cheaper (£1.74) if you are new to Topcashback too! Who loves books? Me. Who has a book addiction? Me. Who loves a good book deal? ME. Want to try some new books that are a complete mystery? Then look no further as A …


Logging Off Book Review

I got approved to review Logging Off by Nick Spalding on Netgalley! *This post features affiliate links where I receive a small commission for any purchases* Author: Nick Spalding Title: Logging Off Where can I get this book? Audiobook: Paperback and Ebook: I feel like this book is such a great example of …


Books on my Amazon Wishlist

If you are like me and have way too many books on your Amazon Wishlist, then I am sorry if this makes you add even more. I might already have way too many books to read through right now, but that does not stop me from adding more. Is it just me that is worried …