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I am returning to my blog!

That’s right, I have recently thought about getting stuck back into my blog! I have so many great book reviews that I cannot wait to post, life updates and whatever entails after that! (as you know, I never limit myself to topics, I am a complete open book!). Anyway, I thought that I would just …


It's time to take a break..

As you might have noticed that in the last few months, I have been blogging less and less.. I have finally got to the point that I think that there’s a need for a break from blogging for a while! I am trying to concentrate on teaching myself Animation, so that I can hopefully get …


Blogging Targets 2016

I have been thinking of what I need to really give my blog that extra little boost. For me personally, I am not in it for the amount of views or anything but I just have a passion for writing about whatever I want to – whether it’s about Beauty, Video Games, having an Anxiety …

New York Natural History Museum

New York Pt.1

New York New York! I returned to a city that I adored and simply did not have time to do everything the last time! I missed out on the Museums and Galleries last time, so my mission was to do the majority of my ‘Things I Missed’ list, although I did rush around like an …

What Milo Saw Virginia Macgregor

Review: What Milo Saw by Virginia Macgregor Book

Title: What Milo Saw Author: Virginia Macgregor Purchase: Available in the UK and the US. Overall Rating: 4/5 Great For: Young Adult Themes: Struggles, Generations, Disability Review: It’s been a long time, waiting for this book review but alas, it is finally here! I have settled back down at home, been working and getting a routine back together – so now I can bring you …