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2017 2018 Goals Aspirations

This Year, Next Year

.It is that time of year again, where people reflect on the year that has passed and aim to make more improvements for the future. My aims, goals, achievements in one post.. 2017 went way too quickly, in my eyes. The beginning of the year started with me being half way through my first year …


How I Calm my Anxiety

*This is a post from when I was travelling, with a few added recent comments. Recently, I have had to find ways on how to calm my anxiety down. I have been getting anxiety a lot more often, so I started to look up natural ways on how to slow this down! I know that …

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

New Years Changes

As almost every single post and Facebook status will say, new year new changes! I have had such an incredible year – I have been living in Sydney and met some of the most incredible people I have known, I have travelled throughout Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the USA and then I came back …


The rambles of my anxiety. #1

I have been meaning to start doing some posts on my Anxiety recently, as I have been suffering pretty bad with mine and at the time, I really want to write some posts on what it’s all about and why it is happening to me. My problem is just that my brain does not like …