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2017 2018 Goals Aspirations

This Year, Next Year

.It is that time of year again, where people reflect on the year that has passed and aim to make more improvements for the future. My aims, goals, achievements in one post.. 2017 went way too quickly, in my eyes. The beginning of the year started with me being half way through my first year …

Goals For 2017

My Goals for 2017

What do I want to come out of 2017? What are my personal goals? Where do I want to be? – By the end of 2017, I would love to feel a lot more confident with my Computer Animation skills, ready for the second year of my university course. – Definitely up my photography game …


My Bucket List!

I have always had the thought of a Bucket List, or when I end up doing something incredible I’ll say ‘One crossed off the Bucket List’.. but I never actually had one. So I have decided to give it a go (with a bit of help from google, of course).. Here is my bucket list …