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KS Outrun Wireless Earphones

KSOutrun Bluetooth Earphones Review

Looking for some Bluetooth Earphones that are suitable for running or just casual use? I received these Bluetooth Earphones for christmas by KSOutrun and they are really good! They are super handy with my Apple Watch and are hardly noticeable when you are wearing them. They are simply, this lead. That is all that’s to …


Cabeau Evolution Pillow

I have only gone and grabbed myself a travel pillow for the plane. I put quite a bit of research into travel pillows, as I can never sleep on planes and if I use a standard travel pillow, my neck hurts a lot after a while or it deflates whilst I’m sleeping! So, I have …


Invisibobble Review

So I found this little handy thing in my local Boots (these pictures are OLD, from about 10 months ago, as I still haven’t uploaded this!). But I absolutely swear by these bobbles now! They are so good, especially if you have really thick hair like me – they don’t fall out throughout the day, …

Fashion Lifestyle

Mens Watches with Womens Outfits?!

  “The question is, mens watches with womens outfits? Of course! I heard from a company called Invaluable, who asked me the exact question. They are a world premiere, online marketplace for jewellery, watches, antiques, collectibles and even entire estate sales!” I think that men’s watches could definitely be a fashion statement and make the whole thing pop …