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Etsy christmas gift guide ideas nuggetstumpblog Prepare yourselves, I am going to go all out for an etsy extravaganza here.. You all loved my halloween…

Etsy christmas gift guide ideas nuggetstumpblog

Prepare yourselves, I am going to go all out for an etsy extravaganza here..

You all loved my halloween post, so why not share some great stores that I have found for all of your christmas gifting needs? Christmas is very quickly approaching this year, so do not forget to get your hands on all of your gifts nice and early. Why not shop small this year and help out each other in the community? You will be surprised at the amazing finds on Etsy. I personally love Etsy as the products are always so unique and like nothing you can find in large chain stores. I am a sucker for all things cute, prints, pop culture items..

So I thought I would put together a little gift idea post for you all, featuring some of my favourite Etsy stores at the moment! I will also be creating a Gift Guide For Book Lovers this week too, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

*This post will contain affiliate links, where I will earn a small commission from any purchases made*


Constellation Co

This store has some absolutely beautiful pieces of jewellery which are perfect for a gift. Really simple, dainty and gorgeous! You can find their shop here:



Chloe sells the most adorable hand painted plant pots and earrings! They are seriously cute! Both really great ideas for christmas gifts and affordable too! You can find here store here:



Okay, this is a great one! I saw these amazing resin pieces on twitter the other day and couldn’t wait to share these with you! GroovyBiDesign make so many incredible resin pieces from jewellery, accessories and will turn your coasters into resin! You can find their store here:



Here comes a favourite! MakeWith Magic create so many amazing items and maybe I purchased the most perfect book sleeve from them which I am obsessed with. From book sleeves, accessories, stickers to even gnomes! They have it! You can find their store here:



Another favourite right here! I had to feature Amiee’s store again, she always creates such stunning pieces of artwork and also has some christmas goodies on there now too! You can find her store here:



This is a store that I have recently purchased a Snufkin print from and I am completely obsessed with her art style now. I just had to recommend this store and have seen that she makes so many more super cute items that would be perfect for gifts too! You can find her store here: (I really want these Mabel stickers).


Megan Raffertea

Here is another store which I have recently purchased from (yes, another Snufkin print, ok?). Really fast shipping, gorgeous prints and I cannot rave about this store enough! You have to see this store for yourself! You can find their store here:



That’s right, one of our favourite Disney youtube families have an etsy store and it does not disappoint! If you want some amazing and unique gifts for Disney Fans, then head straight over to their store. You can find their etsy store here:



Does the person you are buying for need a poster or a print? Of course they do! Then head over to PrintNPoster to see all of the gorgeous prints. Personally, I am in love with the Disney ghost one!



The taco queen herself has an etsy store and it does not disappoint! If you need some confetti and all things decorative, then head straight to her store. Confetti for instagram photos, to decorate your gifts.. boom!



Do you need a christmas card to go with your gift? Look no further, DisneyRhi has the sweetest cards (including the one and only, baby yoda of course!). You will recognise DisneyRhi’s store from my previous halloween post, so I couldn’t resist featuring her again! You can find here store here:



Okay, this one might not be etsy but you still have to see how gorgeous her creations are. I am absolutely in love with the Home candles! You can find her store here:



Amy’s etsy store has so many cute items! She has needle minders AND cross stitch which I adore! You can find her store here:



Who wants some beautiful jewellery? You can find it right here on Lindsay’s etsy store: Earrings, necklaces, bracelets.. you name it!



To go with all of these amazing gift ideas, we have to add some candles right? Well, SacredSmokeCandles have the most adorable (and I’m sure most delicious smelling) candles! I think the Christmas Eve candle is a must! You can check out their store here:


The Little Wax Mouse UK

Two of the best things you can get combined: Disney and Wax Melts! I am in love with this idea, if I didn’t have a cat that is allergic to scents then I would snap them up straight away. But maybe I need to buy some as a little gift for somebody… Oopsie! You can find their store here:

Want to add a personalised touch to a gift?

Check out this etsy gift guide for the best personalised gifts for more great ideas!


Want to see more amazing etsy stores that I love?

Then check out my previous post here: Shop Small: Get Spooky With Etsy.

So there you go, I hope you enjoyed my Christmas Etsy Gift Guide for 2020! I absolutely love buying people gifts and cannot wait for you all to get stuck in. If you want to see any more gift guides or would like to be featured, then feel free to send me a tweet or comment! I want to say a massive thank you to everybody for sharing some incredible stores with me and hope you all enjoy them!


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