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Do you use your printer a lot? Do you feel like it costs a fortune in ink to print to your hearts content? Well, HP…

A photo of a HP Officejet Pro 9015 printer

Do you use your printer a lot? Do you feel like it costs a fortune in ink to print to your hearts content? Well, HP Instant Ink have taken that issue and now have a great subscription service that you can use!

HP Instant Ink now charge you by the number of pages, not by your ink consumption meaning that whether you are printing in full colour or black and white, it does not matter.

If you have a HP Printer that is compatible with Instant Ink, then you can click my link here and set it up straight away. They will give you one month for free when you sign up!

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What are the options?

Occasional Printing – For up to 50 pages. Each additional set of 10 pages for just £1.00. Roll over up to 100 unused pages

Moderate Printing – For up to 100 pages. Each additional set of 15 pages for just £1.00. Roll over up to 200 unused pages

Frequent Printing – For up to 300 pages. Each additional set of 20 pages for just £1.00. Roll over up to 600 unused pages

Business Printing – For up to 700 pages. Each additional set of 20 pages for just £1.00. Roll over up to 1400 unused pages


What happens if I run out of ink?

If you run out of printer ink halfway through the month, HP send you out even more ink cartridges straight away. Your printer will detect when it is low on ink and order them for you. This won’t cost you any more, as you are paying for a set number of pages. Amazing, right?


Don’t have a HP Printer?

I am currently using the HP Officejet Pro 9015 which you can see working in my recent studio vlogs on my youtube channel. I will leave the link to a few videos below for you, to see the quality.

HP actually have some great offers on printers at the moment (printers are still in high demand, so you might have to search a little harder!). They are offering some amazing cashback deals, where you can get £25, £50 off your printer purchase! I bought my printer from Argos for £159.99 and received £50 cashback, two months of free Instant Ink, Topcashback cashback (I have a post all about using cashback sites) AND I had £4.60 cashback into my Airtime Rewards account too. (Airtime Rewards tracks your card purchases and rewards you with cashback, which is then taken off your phone bill. I have a referral code here.)

Amazon – HP Officejet Pro 8012 plus a two month free trial to Instant Ink

Currys – HP Officejet Pro 8024 with £30 cashback plus three months free trial to Instant Ink



Get saving!

That’s all I have for this post, I hope this helped out and made you think about the price of your ink consumption! Definitely give it a good think about and hunt for the best deals around – NOT FORGETTING TO USE YOUR CASHBACK SITES TOO!

If you want to earn extra cashback, then I have some referral links here:

Topcashback – Get a cash bonus when you sign up using my link! (Usually a free £5!)

Quidco – Get £10 once you earn £5 cashback!

Airtime Rewards – CODE: 7NRTCF9Y – A free 50p to get you started when you use this code, plus an extra £1.00 if you spend within the first 7 days!

Airtime Rewards tracks your card purchases and automatically gives you cashback which is then deducted from your phone bill.


To start your Instant Ink subscription, feel free to use this link here to get one month free!


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  1. Oh my god the cashback deal on this makes it a real treat! I’m currently saving up for a new printer so this is so helpful! X

  2. All the kashback apps you are talking about is interesting. But have been using
    the other one for about a year and I’m very happy with it!

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