Book Cover of Dear Edward

* I received this book in exchange for a review *

Wow, this book.. I could not put this down. The story starts off with a plane crash, where only one teenage boy survives, named Edward. People are wondering why he is the only one that survived, how he did it and who is he?

The book flips back and forth in time, from the crash to the present where Edward is recovering and going on with his life. He comes across a lot of hurdles along the way, having to deal with people trying to invade his personal life although he has lost his family too.

It is a really gripping book that makes you want to keep on reading. You get to know several of the characters from on the plane, learning about their stories and backgrounds. There are a lot of strong messages in this book, and I would highly recommend giving it a read!

You can preorder the book from Amazon, which is due to release February 2020.