Prosecco Flow Event

Check out my thoughts on the latest Prosecco Flow event for the ultimate Friday night!

Myself and a few more of my incredible blogger friends were so kindly invited to Prosecco Flow’s Event.

This is a one-off event where so many different and incredible brands come together to give us a night to pamper ourselves and have a great time.

The brands that were involved were Yogi Bare, Yume Cardiff, Nando’s, Ten Mill Lane, UFit Fitness, Pixies and Poppets and so many more!

What did we do?

We had such an incredible evening which started off with some RnB Yoga from Yogi Bare which was so refreshing to see and so enjoyable! We then moved onto getting our eyebrows tinted and waxed which was so great – especially as I have never had my eyebrows tinted professionally, so there’s always time for a first!


Treats galore..

We then moved onto the Ten Mill Lane booth who made endless cocktails for us all which were so tasty it was unreal! What better to go along with amazing cocktails? Nando’s, of course!
Nando’s Cardiff were so kind to cook us up a whole bunch of amazing food from their stores and let us all loose!


Once we were all refilled and raring to go, we headed straight to Yume Cardiff’s stand. They did these incredible hair braids! I really wish I had the talent to do something like this myself. I apologise again to the ladies for having to battle my super thick hair! It looked so gorgeous in the end though and was well worth it!
They had so many different beauty therapies at Prosecco Flow, but we didn’t manage to get around all of them!


Afterwards, people got swiftly transported to Ten Mill Lane to carry on the night and party away after being pampered all evening. Unfortunately, I had work the next day so sadly I had to give this one a miss but I’m almost certain that everyone had a blast!

A huge thank you

A huge thank you to Prosecco Flow for having us and we cannot wait to see if there are any more future events! Such a great idea to give the perfect Friday night and to combine so many different brands all at one time!

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