New York Pt.1

New York New York! I returned to a city that I adored and simply did not have time to do everything the last time!I missed…

New York New York! I returned to a city that I adored and simply did not have time to do everything the last time!
I missed out on the Museums and Galleries last time, so my mission was to do the majority of my ‘Things I Missed’ list, although I did rush around like an idiot to do them all..

So, the first day I made some friends at the hostel during breakfast (which was weirdly a set free breakfast of doughnuts and a banana..) and headed off to the American Museum of Natural History (where they filmed some of Night At The Museum). It was such a beautiful building and it was full of amazing things to see – especially the dinosaurs, they’re my favourite!
I had such a great time here and managed to see quite a lot, but not the whole 3 floors as I had a lot on my agenda. I saw enough, took a whole load of photos here and took in the architecture of the place.DSC04133
I then decided to rush off by myself to the Metropolitan Museum of Art which was amazing, but eventually got super busy within certain exhibitions! I saw a lot of gorgeous pieces, but yet again I particularly fell in love with the architecture – it was such a beautiful building, I probably preferred that more than the pieces at the exhibitions! I really wanted to see the Costume Department as I heard that there’s a lot of House Of Dior and Yves Saint Laurent there, and I loved the exhibition that was on at the time but it was so, so busy that I gave up early!DSC04138DSC04141DSC04147
I fell in love with these two as I was quickly walking through, the filigree on the column was gorgeous and I couldn’t just walk past without snapping a quick photo! Too beautiful!DSC04154DSC04156
After I rushed around the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I decided to quickly go to the Guggenheim before I got a bite to eat. It was a great building, and although I love modern art, I felt like a lot of the exhibitions were a bit TOO modern for me. (For example, there was a dark room with one single light bulb lit inside – could have a strong meaning and definition, but it was literally a light bulb).DSC04179
Whilst in New York, I had the CityPass which I bought the time before, when I visited. It is a great idea, as it is a booklet full of tickets for the attractions such as the Empire State Building, Statue Of Liberty (Ellis Island and Cruise), Museums, Galleries, 9/11 Memorial.. and it is a LOT cheaper than if you paid separately for these! (Plus, they’re open dated).
So as I missed out on some last time, I purchased the CityPass again and decided to do the Sunset Liberty Cruise which went through New York in the evening, where I got to see the Statue Of Liberty, Freedom Tower and pretty much all of the sights from the cruise – it was beautiful!DSC04212DSC04234DSC04252
Sadly, my camera was not fond of the motion of the boat and the darkness combined – so here was the best photo whilst the sun had set! I guess I can say that I tried..DSC04264DSC04274
All in all, I had such a great time in New York and this cruise was definitely one of the highlights for me! Although I travelled alone and did all of the attractions by myself (apart from the museum that day) – I had such a great time and I feel strongly about the fact that you don’t HAVE to have company and restrict yourself because you’re by yourself!

Have you been to New York before? What was your favourite attraction?
I would absolutely love to go for Christmas, one year!
Part Two coming up!



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