My Etsy Store and Lil Packaging

I am back with a very different subject this time, I have gone from a hair and beauty post to some packaging. But that’s why…

I am back with a very different subject this time, I have gone from a hair and beauty post to some packaging. But that’s why I love blogging as I can talk about so many different topics! As some of you might know, I run my own Etsy Store on the side where I can express my creativity and share my love of Disney and other themes!

My Etsy Store

This all started many years ago when I started to sell prints online, but I wasn’t as advanced when it came to thinking of the cost of packaging and postage. Fast forward to 2018, when I reopened my store and now I am completely spoilt with choice for packaging options!

On my Etsy store, I sell a range of different products from keyrings, prints to handmade bags. I love doing this as it really lets me escape and get creative, whilst giving you guys products that you love.

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Lil Packaging

I was very kindly contacted by Lil Packaging to see if I would be interested in seeing the different packaging options that they had to offer. They are a company that sell a huge variety of packaging products from bubble mailers, envelopes, book wraps and large boxes. They literally have every kind of packaging for your every need!

What packaging did I go for?

I decided to try out the SL1 Letterboxes which would be ideal for fitting in our handmade bags. They would also fit in the pins, whether they are combined with other items or by themselves – so this is great!

They are a really thick and sturdy cardboard, which is also recyclable but I’ll come to that in a minute..

Personally, I don’t like to faff about with overly complicated packaging but these were so simple to put together and really quick. There’s a slot in each side and has an adhesive section too to seal your package securely. The packaging makes your items look really professional and you know you can trust your item to be secure.

Lil Packaging Review

What did I use to use?

I was previously using pink bubble mailers, but I feel like these aren’t always practical. Also, probably not great for the environment! For my prints, I am still using an A4 cardboard sleeve which is working great for it’s purpose!

A little bit more about Lil Packaging

Lil Packaging are a British company that are rethinking ways of packaging. With everything going on recently about becoming eco-friendly and recycling to do our part for the planet. This is such a great decision! Lil Packaging are going to be diminishing all of their plastic products on the website and replacing everything with only recyclable items.

How is this going to benefit my store?

Having my items deliver to customers with a professional look is so important! It will leave a great impression which could result in returning customers. If you receive an item poorly packaged, it’s less likely that you will go back for more as it’s seen as a risk. I love to add a little personal touch to my packages too, whether it’s a personal note, some decoration or branding.

Lil Packaging Review

What are the advantages of Lil Packaging?

The website is really simple to use and shows the items very well. You know what you are buying and are fully confident. When it comes to prices, they are very reasonable with no minimum and the delivery was very fast! There is a massive selection to choose from and you won’t be disappointed!

Not forgetting, the packaging has ‘frustration-free’ red tear strips to open the products quickly and safely. Which is a huge plus on my half!

Where can I find Lil Packaging?

You can find Lil Packaging at their website ( and also at: Twitter | Facebook and YouTube

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  1. Thank you! In our industry, we know that you only get a few crucial seconds to make a good impression and engage potential customers. We aim to help you make the best of it!

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