Matched Betting: Make Extra Cash

Do you want to make some extra cash, whilst sat on the sofa? Well, Matched Betting might be for you. As a very busy Computer…

Do you want to make some extra cash, whilst sat on the sofa? Well, Matched Betting might be for you.

As a very busy Computer Animation student and working a part time job, I don’t have the extra time to pick up additional shifts at work. And to be honest, working on my own terms is much more appealing to me. This is where Matched Betting came in..

A friend of mine called Neesha (Here is a link to her blog), she started a facebook group that I joined. It was a group to help others start making earnings from Matched Betting and offering help. I read through this well over a year ago, but I was still a little bit too nervous to get started.

Moving forward another year, I finally took the plunge and knew that I needed extra cash to fund my summer in Walt Disney World. You do need a little bit of cash to get started.. but once you get the ball rolling then you can withdraw that money back out. That way, only using your profits to feed new bets.

What is Matched Betting?

Firstly, is Matched Betting legal? Yes, it is legal.

Matched Betting is where you place bets on a betting site such as Ladbrokes, Betfred, Skybet.. Then you head over to an Exchange Site like Smarkets or Betfair, where you will place the same bet, but against the one you already placed. You need to match the bets, so that you will equal out or make a profit from this.

To make the profits, you will start off taking advantage of Sign Up Offers from bettings sites. Most of these sites will welcome new customers to free bets once they have deposited. For example, Betfred might offer you a £10 Free Bet once you have deposited £10 on your first bet, which you cannot just withdraw. This is where you will match the bet, to turn the free £10 bet into cash.

How do you get started with Matched Betting?

I would recommend signing up to a website called Profit Accumulator. On this site, they will conjure up all of the Sign Up Offers from all betting sites. They will display all of the rules and the majority of the time, they will have a video to walk you through the offer completely. As long as you follow the steps, then you are laughing!

Profit Accumulator does usually have a free trial on their website for 7 days, after that there is a monthly charge of £17.99 or an annual charge of £150. Don’t be put off by the subscription fees, you can easily make £17.99 back within one or two days (based on if you complete two betting offers).

Profit Accumulator also have a referral programme, which you can use once you have signed up. You will earn £10 for each referral, which can go towards your bets or to spend on yourself – your choice of freedom!

My referral code for Profit Accumulator is: 341234

If you are kind enough to use my referral code, then here is a massive thank you and I am very appreciative of this. You. Are. Awesome.

How have I done so far?

I have been using Matched Betting since the very end of January and so far, I have found it great! Once you have got your head around it, it can take you 5 minutes to place a bet where you can make a profit. I haven’t been going too crazy on the amount of bets due to my funds, but I have made at least £220 in profit. That is from doing a half-assed every now and then bet, kind of job.

I cannot thank Neesha enough, she has helped me so much from the very beginning. I was really nervous at first and scared that I was making mistakes, but she persevered with my little silly questions!

Where can I get more information on this?

Talk of the devil, Neesha actually has some really interesting and much better written blog posts on this topic than mine! So definitely head over to her blog to give these a read, this is all how I started off.

Here are some of her posts:

How I Make £1000 A Month From Home

Wedding Saving Income Report

So that’s all I have to say, in this quick blog post that popped into my head! If you have any questions, then feel free to drop a comment below. I’ll get back to you ASAP (Baring in mind, I am still a rookie at this!)

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