Lush Swansea New Store

It’s bigger and much better.. Swansea have a brand new Lush store! As some of you might know, the previous Lush Store in Swansea is…

It’s bigger and much better.. Swansea have a brand new Lush store!

As some of you might know, the previous Lush Store in Swansea is teeny weeny but full of so many amazing products. But behold, they have a brand spanking new store which is huge and absolutely gorgeous!

I got invited to their blogger event where we got to check out the store and test out some interesting new products! We were extremely excited to test the new jelly bath bombs!

Lush Swansea Opening New Store

Where is it?

You will find their brand new store on Oxford Street, Swansea.

Lush Swansea Opening New Store

What can we expect from the new store?

At the new store on Oxford Street, you will find a lot of your all time favourite scents along with some incredible new products. The decor of the store is filled with gorgeous brick work and tiles throughout. Not forgetting the super handy sinks, there are lots dotted around the store now and there is so much more room here!

There is a whole section for fragrances, hair treatments, facial products and more.

As always, the staff are as lovely and bouncy as usual who really do have a passion for the products. If you need to know something, they will know the answer! They really make you feel comfortable in store, demonstrate the correct products for you and know how to have a great time.

Lush Swansea Opening New Store

What was my favourite part of the new store?

The decor on the store is gorgeous, I would definitely say the brick work and open beams above. This store is just so beautiful and I cannot wait for more stores to have the update as it’s perfection! It really feels so much warmer and homely.

I also loved getting to hang out with some of my fellow bloggers and others that I haven’t bet before. We had so much fun and thank Lush so much for having us for the evening. In my brain, I always look forward to these events as they always bring together so many incredible people in the blogging community.

What was my favourite product of the night?

Definitely hands down, it is going to ‘bee’ Scrubee. He is the most adorable little block of love (I have already titled him a he). Scrubee comes in the form of a Bee shape, who is made out of Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter for extreme moisturising! He is also full of Ground Almonds which happily scrub away gently at your dead skin in the shower.

Not forgetting that he smells so so good and I find it really comforting before bed. Also, the softness of my skin afterwards is incredible! I would definitely recommend trying out Scrubee, so many people I have met love him instantly.

Here are a few more photos:

Lush Swansea Opening New StoreLush Swansea Opening New Store

What are your favourite Lush Products? Let me know!

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