Let’s talk about periods..

Do you want to talk about your periods? Not worry about what others have to say? Want to hear about others experiences? This is an…

Do you want to talk about your periods? Not worry about what others have to say? Want to hear about others experiences?

This is an issue that I would like to tackle. Some people are confident in talking about these matters, whilst others are still reserved about this. Of course, if you don’t want to or don’t feel comfortable talking about periods, then I completely understand. BUT I believe that for the people that want to talk about it loud and proud, then to definitely get involved!

Icebreaker Question: Where was the most awkward time you got your period?

Well, mine was definitely inappropriate for my day.. Mine was actually on my Graduation day in 2014, luckily before the ceremony so I did have time to save myself and my dignity whilst wearing a Vivienne Westwood dress. We all know what disasters I luckily avoided..

But yes, I still had an incredible day. The sun was beaming all day, I got to hang out with my family and my flatmates families too which was lovely and we had a cheeky little Graduation photo shoot by Cardiff Castle too. So there you go, most awkward and inappropriate to try ruin my day but there was nothing stopping me!

University of Glamorgan South Wales Graduation

Why would you want to talk about your period?

Periods are completely natural, almost every woman has a period and it is nothing to be ashamed of. As a matter of fact, I believe that talking with others on social media about periods can become a way to interact with each other. I am also a fan of #livetweetyourperiod on Twitter, where a lot of ladies post really funny gifs to go with their descriptions. Periods are not pleasant, but together we can share our similarities, what we are going through ourselves and see the light in things!

Where can I do this?

If you don’t want to talk to your close friends and family face to face, that’s completely fine. I feel the same way about that, like there’s a slight boundary. But when it comes to online, I am sharing my experiences monthly loud and proud and even trying to get some humour in there too!

Come on, half of the time I am tweeting about comparing my uterus pain to being much worse than stepping on Lego bricks with a very flattering gif to go alongside with it..

I would recommend Twitter as there seems to be a growing community of Pro-Period chit-chatters. I have even found some period vloggers too which is actually very interesting to watch, believe me! One of my favourite is Erin aka BeautyCreep who has a series of vlogs called ‘A Week in the life of a period’ (Here is her link – click click!).

There is also a new hashtag by the brand TOTM which is #TalkingPeriods. They are going to be hosting a whole range of topics on Twitter that you can become involved with and I believe they are also hosting a competition for getting involved too! You can win a 6 Month Subscription to TOTM (Time Of The Month) and a cosmetic mirror which states ‘Be Kinder to Your Vagina’. Bold, I LOVE IT!

So, that’s all I have to say..

Be bold, be confident and have fun with sharing your experiences with likeminded people! You never know who you’ll start a connection with and they might go through the same experiences as yourself.

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