January Wrap-up

Well, hello again! I know that it is mid February at the moment but I thought that I would really like to reflect back on…

Well, hello again!
I know that it is mid February at the moment but I thought that I would really like to reflect back on each month throughout the year and why not start with January? Duh.

Lets get started.
January was kick started off with celebrating New Years Eve in Epcot, Walt Disney World which was a completely new experience for me – especially the way that the Americans celebrate it!
I started off January with my birthday at the very beginning of the month! It turns out that we flew back from our Orlando Christmas holiday on my birthday and were then stuck in traffic until 5pm. Although when I arrived home, I was so excited to see my dog Coco and boyfriend as I hadn’t seen them over the Christmas period! So, off to a good start..
My family got me a birthday cake which was the most incredible thing ever which was a cake from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty as it is one of my favourite Disney movies (there’s a scene where Flora, Fauna and Merryweather are making a cake and a dress for Aurora and do not know how to do so without magic!)

I had a blast with my family and boyfriend celebrating, but then we had a really sad announcement that my budgie Dexter had passed away. Some of you might have seen him previously on my snapchat, instagram and blog and he was amazing! He was a blue male budgie that was talk how to say certain phrases from Star Wars and all sorts!
Here is an instagram video of him:

So, Dexter can now say ‘May The Force Be With You’ and ‘Zoe’s Boy’ 👍

A video posted by nuggetstumpblog (@nuggetstumpblog) on Oct 21, 2013 at 1:11am PDT


Moving on through the month, I went back to university for the next term where I was crammed with deadlines right at the beginning so I did have a super stressful week or two but it was such a relief afterwards when everything was handed in!
University has been going really well so far with my animation classes, I am learning so much and progressing slowly but surely! There have been a few steep hills when it comes to my anxiety, too many hours at my current job, essay writing and the possibility that I could be dyslexic (thank you auto correct on my computer!).

Other than that there hasn’t been as much going on yet – me and my boyfriend have been trying to reduce the amount of times that we go out to eat and have started cooking again (mainly him, as I really hate it with a passion). I have also been really good when it comes to spending, although I am still skint but there must be an onwards and upwards from here!

My flat has also been refurbished recently, so I am all moved back in, everything in fresh and everything looks amazing! The only shame is that I am in shared accommodation and the thought that it isn’t going to be kept in this condition is a little sad but we are hoping to move into our own flat in the summer so that will be really exciting!

From there, I think that that is it for my January Wrap-up!
Basically, I really enjoy doing these sorts of posts as I really target and focus on the problems that I have been going through and it forces me to think how I can do something differently or go about another way of doing so.
For example, I am now going through the process of getting some advice and assistance with my anxiety and possible dyslexia, so hopefully this is going to make some things a lot easier and manageable for me from now on!

So, I will leave the post there and would love to hear about your January(s) and how you think you can improve yourselves whether it is your lifestyle, diets, financial matters, even just little things like having a good clear out of a wardrobe or even redecorating..
Let me know, I would love to read these and get some inspiration on ways that I can improve things!

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Let me know what you think!

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