Jamie’s Italian Cardiff Review

I was lucky enough to be invited to Jamie’s Italian to check out the menu. So, here is what I thought.. I have somehow never…

I was lucky enough to be invited to Jamie’s Italian to check out the menu. So, here is what I thought..

I have somehow never visited Jamie’s Italian in Cardiff, so I jumped at the opportunity to visit when I had the chance. So I took my parents to Jamie’s to try out the menu at the Italian Restaurant in Cardiff and see what we all thought of it. I have heard good things so far!

What did I eat?

I ordered the Squash Cannelloni for my mains and the Molten Chocolate Praline Pudding for my dessert which was incredible. Firstly, portion size was great for my main and the Squash Cannelloni was something completely different than my usual orders and it was really delicious!

The Squash Cannelloni was ‘baked to perfection in seven-veg sauce with béchamel, veggie Parmesan & crispy sage’ and I really enjoyed it. The Parmesan and squash went together really well and now I am making myself hungry all over again..

For my dessert, the Molten Chocolate Praline Pudding was full of vanilla gelato, praline & chocolate sauce which is complete heaven for me. If you are a chocoholic like me, then I would highly recommend this one!

My dad ordered the Sausage Ravioli which was delicious and full of flavour, but the only downside was that the portion size was pretty small. Especially when you are ready for a full meal to fill you up!

The Restaurant and the Experience

We had a really great time here and Jamie’s Italian was full of people on the Friday night. The staff were really friendly, were always there if you needed anything and were really informative.

The styling of the building was so gorgeous with a really warming, relaxed touch to it.

What else would I recommend?

I would really recommend trying something completely different when it comes to drinks. I usually go for my standard drink, but I thought I would branch out and get a Mocktail. I certainly didn’t regret it!

I ordered the Refresher which was a blend of fresh lemon, elderflower cordial & cranberry juice, topped with lemonade. It was really refreshing like it says in the name, had so much flavour and I would happily order one again! The same goes for the others we tried, my parents ordered the ginger Mojito but I unfortunately don’t like Ginger so I cannot give you my opinion on that one! My dad ordered a Strawberry & Mint Lemonade which was really nice, but I still think that mine won overall!

A huge thank you

Thank you so much for inviting me out to Jamie’s Italian, I cannot wait to visit again!

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  1. The squash cannelloni sounds amazing! I haven’t got round to trying any of the Jamie’s Italian restaurants but I think they’re about to open one near where I live so sounds like I need to check it out! x

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