How to make your home smell like Snow Fairy

Christmas has gone. Now what? We all loved the infamous Snow Fairy from Lush, right? It is just a shame that it is only available…

A wax melt burner burning a Snow Fairy wax melt

Christmas has gone. Now what?

We all loved the infamous Snow Fairy from Lush, right? It is just a shame that it is only available for a limited time. Especially this year with all of the lockdowns and restrictions, it made it even harder to get hold of for some. But alas, I have found some more Snow Fairy products to get your fix!

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Wax Melts

Some incredible sellers over on Etsy have created Snow Fairy inspired wax melts, which smell so, so incredible. I made an order on MadeAtNo64’s page and they are currently melting now. My house smells exactly like Snow Fairy and I already need to purchase even more. You can find their Snow Fairy melts here.

If you don’t have a wax burner, then I purchased this one pictured above from Amazon for a great price and it’s woven rattan. You can find it here.

A soy wax candle that has a fragrance of Snow Fairy


If wax melts weren’t enough for you, then Etsy has so many sellers that have created Snow Fairy Candles. The best thing is that the majority of them are also made of soy wax too.

You can find the adorable candle picture above from this link here.

Snow Fairy Carpet Freshener sealed in a pink bag

Carpet Freshener

That’s right, you read that correctly. Snow. Fairy. Carpet. Freshener.

Who doesn’t want their carpet and home to smell like Snow Fairy? I did not know that this existed, so you bet I want to get my hands on some right now. You can find it here on etsy.

Car Air Freshener/Diffuser

We have found the jackpot here. Not only can you make your home smell like Snow Fairy, but you can even make your car smell like it too! You can find the link to this product here.

Reed Diffuser

As if you needed any more Snow Fairy at this rate, but I just had to share this last one with you all too. A snow fairy reed diffuser..

You can find this item here on Etsy.

Fun Fact

I went backpacking back in 2014/2015 and visited New Zealand. In the summer, they were actually selling all of the Christmas products in Lush as their summer has the winter season! So for all of those chilly nights, you could grab some Snow Fairy and kinda pretend it was Christmas!

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