You are addicted to books, yes? You want to get your hands on a subscription that will give you unlimited books? Look no further!


What is Scribd?

Scribd is an online subscription service where you have access to ebooks, audiobooks, sheet music, documents and so much more..

Unlike subscription services like Audible, you can read unlimited amounts of books on their app. I loved Audible personally, but the credits thing worked out super expensive for just one book a month and it just was not feasible for me.


Can I get a free trial of Scribd?

Yes! Usually you only get a 30 days free trial through their website, but with my link you can get 60 days for free.

Here is the link:

An iPad on wooden flooring displaying the Scribd app


How much is Scribd after the free trial?

Scribd is £9.99 a month and you can access thousands of books!


Are there time limits to the books?

Nope! You can read as many as you want at a time, saved as many as you like and there are no time limits either.


What devices can you use Scribd on?

You can use their desktop site, download their app for iOS devices and Android too!

Your desktop, your iPad, your phone.. Scribd have you sorted.


Let’s get reading!

Click here to get your 60 day free trial and get reading!


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