Hobbiton Movie Set Tour!

One of the highlights of my trip so far – I got to go to the Hobbiton Movie Set Tour in Matamata, NZ! It was…

One of the highlights of my trip so far – I got to go to the Hobbiton Movie Set Tour in Matamata, NZ!
It was incredible!
They have around 32 Hobbit Holes which look amazing and have been rebuilt for tourism now. So you can stand inside some of these, although they have nothing inside. But it’s so much fun to have photos by them, as they all come in different sizes for when they were filming certain characters like Gandalf or the hobbits!   11738064_10153055932277362_6149046580230791735_n 11738115_10153055939417362_5022644998741200205_n 11403369_10153055934562362_712599212198397994_n
At the end of the tour, we got to have a free drink from the Green Dragon which was a replica from the movies although it wasn’t used for filming.11709721_10153055940012362_3430862927788959088_n10995854_10153055939747362_4922334749171172941_n
The inside was absolutely adorable and much needed as it was freezing outside, we all huddled around the fire including the Hobbiton Set cat, too! The cider was also pretty good too, which they only brew and sell at Hobbiton! Try to order it as soon as you get there though, because your guide might rush you and you have to down it.. getting yourself a little bit tipsy like I was…
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 think that the Hobbiton Movie Set Tour was so much fun and I would definitely recommend it to Lord Of The Rings fans. Some people did say that it was expensive, but they weren’t really fans of LOTR. So I would say that it is definitely worth the money ($90), compared to other activities in these areas! Very informative guides that told you a lot of facts and pointed out little spoilers, too!

Here is a link to the website: HERE


  1. I’m envious, I am from NZ but I have actually never been to Matamata, it looks stunning!

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