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We have a lot of time on our hands during this lockdown period, so it is no doubt that I have been playing video games….

We have a lot of time on our hands during this lockdown period, so it is no doubt that I have been playing video games.

If you do not know already, Xbox Game Pass is where you pay monthly for a service that gives you 100s of free games to play on your system. Not forgetting that certain developers also release their brand new games on there too.

If you do not have an xbox, then do not fear as the games I will be featuring are also on other consoles too. So I will provide links for these down below.

You can purchase Xbox Game Pass from the xbox store itself, or you can also find discounted prices at

This post will feature affiliate links, where I will earn a small percentage of any sales generated.

Lets get started with the games I am loving recently.


Two Point Hospital

My oh my, this game.. If you were a fan of Theme Hospital, then they just brought out this new generation for you. Two Point Hospital lets you run your own chain of hospitals, where you have to make sure that the standards are high. From the staff, treatments, facilities, cleanliness, you will get critiqued on. You do not want any deaths in your hospital which will lower your star rating!

This game is so much fun. I thought that I would quickly dabble into it, but behold four hours later I was still addicted. I would highly recommend this game to people that love The Sims, Theme Park World, Theme Hospital.

If you don’t have an Xbox or want a physical copy, then I have placed some links below for you.

CD Keys – Mainly for PC/Steam – They have Switch, Xbox and PS4 versions here. Really love this company too, they always send my pre-orders before release date too.

Xbox Game Pass


Moving Out

This is a new addition to Xbox Game Pass which I got so excited for. I have Overcooked on my Nintendo Switch which was made by the same developers and I love it, although it makes me so frustrated at the same time. Such a fun game, especially when played with another player. This game really makes you think strategically and gets those brain muscles moving! Again, these games I will be featuring are available on other consoles too.

Xbox Game Pass – They have PC, Xbox, PS4 and Switch.


Gears 5

I still haven’t played this yet, but it is on my list to definitely play. I am a big fan of the Gears Of War games and was so thrilled to see this on Xbox Game Pass when I was about to purchase it in-store.

It is the sixth addition to the Gears family, also being a sequel to Gears 4. I cannot wait to see what this one entails and I hope you are all excited too.

Xbox Game Pass


Overcooked 2

Like I mentioned above, the Overcooked series is made by the same people that have recently released Moving Out. I love these strategic games, which I would always play during family visits. These are the kind of games to get you screaming and laughing constantly.

Xbox Game Pass – They have all platforms on their website and also feature Overcooked 2 by itself or in a double pack of Overcooked 1 & 2. – Here they have Xbox, PC and Switch versions.


Deliver Us The Moon

I still haven’t played this one yet either, but is right up there on my list to play. This sounds right up my street, loving all things space related and I cannot wait to binge play.

Xbox Game Pass – The PC version is available here.


Goat Simulator

Okay, so this game is crazy ridiculous and sometimes you are wondering what you are doing playing it. But it is SO much fun and some parts are absolutely hilarious. You want to make a goat jump on a trampoline? You do it. You want your goat to climb a ferris wheel? You do it.

I do love that it has the same style of point system like a Tony Hawk game too, which is incredible.

Not forgetting that you can get so many different expansion packs for Goat Simulator also.

Xbox Game Pass – Here they have Goat Simulator and GoatZ for PC.


Alien: Isolation

I have heard so many good things about this game and I know that I am going to get scared playing it. Back in the day, Dead Space would frighten the life out of me whilst playing, so I have my guard up for this one!

Xbox Game Pass – Here they have the PC version, although with a Ripley edition.


Kingdom Hearts III

Do you know how much I love this game? I love it a lot. I never played Kingdom Hearts as a child, I played a few years ago on the Nintendo DS and was so happy to finally see a game on the Xbox One. I feel like it is such an all round kind of game, as you have the Disney characters for fans, but you have a lot of adventure and combat too. I was so shocked when I saw this on Xbox Game Pass, this is definitely an amazing addition to the service in my eyes.

Xbox Game Pass – Xbox One Version is available here, also VERY expensive especially as it’s on game pass. You could get three-four months worth of service for the price.

ShopTo.Net – Xbox and PS4 versions here for a great price too.


Ori and The Will Of The Wisps

I remember working at GAME when the first Ori game came out. It was always in the in box bundle with the consoles at christmas time and I always had parents asking me what kind of game it was. For a start, it is a beautiful, beautiful game that will potentially make you weep. The art that went into this game is so precious. It is a side scrolling, platform game and I couldn’t recommend it more. It is worth trying for the beautiful story alone. Don’t forget to check out the first one too!

Xbox Game Pass – They have both games here for Xbox and PC. – Xbox One download codes available here.


Untitled Goose Game

One of the most talked about games of 2019 and there is definitely a reason why. Like Goat Simulator, this is a game that will definitely make you chuckle and is full of silliness. You get to become a Goose and reek havoc on others lives. I have no words for this game, but you HAVE to check it out to experience it for yourselves.

Xbox Game Pass


My Time at Portia

So just before Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out, a lot of that audience became obsessed with My Time At Portia and Stardew Valley. These are open world games where you can go about your day, doing whatever you want basically. You have a village, villagers, crops.. It is just a really nice relaxing game to play.

Xbox Game Pass – PC version sold here – All platforms (Xbox, PS4, Switch and PC)


So that is all I have to share with you all for now. Look out for some more video game reviews in the near future, I have a great one of Arcade Spirits coming up soon. I will check back in with more games that I am enjoying on Xbox Game Pass in the future, so enjoy gaming and discover some new favourites!


Do I stream online?

I am slowly getting into it. I did dabble six months ago, but I feel like this lockdown period is going to be great for that. So keep your eyes on my Twitch or Mixer page and you might see me play at some point! I still haven’t made my mind up if I prefer Twitch or Mixer yet.

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