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Oh my god, this was THE best trip that I have been on! I absolutely loved this day so much, we got to fly up…

Oh my god, this was THE best trip that I have been on! I absolutely loved this day so much, we got to fly up to the Franz Josef Glaciers in a helicopter, then we got to trek through the glaciers for three hours and it was so beautiful!
DSC03570DSC03510DCIM100GOPROGOPR2381.Firstly we got all kitted up before we went up, so we had Over-Trousers (to stop our layers getting wet), Crampons (to make our boots stick into the snow really well) and a waterproof/wind proof jacket. Once we were ready, we were heading off to the helicopter straight away and man, we were excited!
I have never been in a helicopter before, so this was like an added extra for me for the trip! Too much fun, doesn’t even feel like you’re moving surprisingly!
DSC03550We got onto the glaciers within 5 minutes and made a move through the snow and ice straight away. Our guide for the day was Jack, who was really informative, liked to have a joke and a laugh and made it even more fun up on the glaciers (and kept us safe, of course!).
I was surprised at how high we climbed the glaciers when we saw other people higher up, but you really didn’t feel like you were climbing that far anyway! We couldn’t work out the actual scale of the glaciers until we saw other people there, like in the photo above! It was crazy!
Even when we were in the helicopter, I thought that he was going to hit the ground, but it turns out that we were so far away from it!DSC03530We had three hours of hiking up the glaciers and I loved every minute of it, especially when we went through a really narrow ice cave! That was a lot of fun, although I did think that I could potentially get stuck as I crawled through haha!

It really was one of the best trips that I have ever done, I learnt so much, got some amazing photos and had some really funny photo opportunities and it was nice to do it with all of my new friends from Kiwi Experience.DSC03533
DCIM100GOPROGOPR2438.I would highly recommend doing this trip if you’re in Franz Josef, or even if you’re in New Zealand in general – it’s definitely worth making the effort to travel here! They even let you have free entry to their Hot Pools after the Glaciers too, which was incredible! I could’ve stayed in the 38 degree pool for hours, sadly I got too hungry!DSC03563

But yes, I will post a link to the tour HERE and if you have any questions about this, then feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email!

Would you like to do this? Or have you done it before?

Franz Josef Glacier Guides
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