You read the title right, FOUR books for £6.74.. or maybe even cheaper (£1.74) if you are new to Topcashback too!

Who loves books? Me. Who has a book addiction? Me. Who loves a good book deal? ME.

Want to try some new books that are a complete mystery? Then look no further as A Box Of Stories has you covered and there’s an amazing deal too!

Don’t forget that with christmas coming up, this could be a great gift for somebody too!

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How do I get four books for £6.74?

A Box Of Stories is a book box subscription service who have several different types of boxes to tailor to your interests! Their boxes start at £14.99 for four books and they won’t send you repeat books either, if you order more!

A Box Of Stories also saves thousands of books from being pulped, so you are saving those poor books from being destroyed and making a difference too.

These are some of the boxes that you can order: Fiction, Mixed, Crime/Thriller, Young Adult, Short Reads..

A photo of the different book subscription offers that A Box Of Stories offer

But how do I get the box for £6.74?

TopCashback has a really great deal going on at the moment. If you click through TopCashback before purchasing on the A Box Of Stories website, then you will get £8.25 cashback for being a new customer to A Box Of Stories!

How easy it that?! I absolutely love using cashback sites for everything, but it is so, so much better when you find amazing cashback for products you love.

You can use my link here to find the deal:

But you said I can get it even cheaper again?

If you are new to TopCashback and sign up today using my link, they will give you another free £5 of cashback! Making the total of the A Box of Stories books to come to £1.74!

You can use this link right here to get the deal:

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