Ex-Heroes by Peter Clines



I was incredibly excited to read this, when my friend suggested it to me in Waterstones! ‘It’s right up your street!’

This book is about a group of people that had been exposed to a gamma ray (of some sort) and gained super powers. But now there has been an outbreak of a zombie apocalypse, and they have been called in by the government to help out!

For once, I felt that the book jumped straight into the action of the story. Although this is a good thing, I felt that it could’ve been the same throughout the book – but it wasn’t, 60% through the book was were all of the even more interesting stuff was happening!

I was completely drawn in to this book, although I was really excited to start a new one.
I would definitely recommend this to superhero or zombie fans!
It is also a part of a trilogy:

1: Ex-Heroes
2: Ex-Patriots
3: Ex-Communication

4 out of 5.

Let me know what you think!

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