Etsy Gift Guide 2021 – Star Wars, Art Prints and Cross Stitch

Here come the gift guides! The festive season has started and why not pick up some gifts from small businesses this year? I personally love…

Here come the gift guides! The festive season has started and why not pick up some gifts from small businesses this year?

I personally love featuring small businesses on my blog as people can feed their passions for creating and your recipient will also get a unique gift too. So, for these gift guides, I have decided to go with three completely random topics for all areas. Star Wars, Cross Stitch and Art Prints.

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Star Wars Gift Guide

Everybody has that one person in their life that absolutely loves Star Wars, but are you stuck on what to get them? Then take a little look at this collection I created over on Etsy which has all different types of items from phone cases, prints, bags, framed pieces and much more!

Link to the gift guide here

Cross Stitch Gift Guide

The next collection I have created on etsy is a Cross Stitch Gift Guide! I feel that Cross Stitch has become so popular during lockdown and you can create some really beautiful pieces! So I have featured some patterns if you are experienced or want to try your hand at it. I have also featured some completed cross stitch pieces for yourself or to purchase as a gift for somebody else. Why not try making your own piece by using a cross stitch pattern from here and gifting it to somebody this christmas? This is what I am going to be doing this year for my secret santa!

You could even purchase somebody a cross stitch kit so they can get started too!

Link to the gift guide here

Art Print Gift Guide

This collection features a wide range of all different kinds of art prints, from more illustrative handmade pieces to film and pop culture prints. This one is pretty self explanatory, but I am on the lookout for some prints for my new home at the moment so this was really great to create as I gained some inspiration from the guide!

Link to the gift guide here

Want more inspiration?

You can also head over to the Etsy Christmas Shop too with this link here. There is a wide variety of beautiful items from homeware, stationary, clothing, accessories and more..

Do you want to see more gift guides in the future?

I will be looking to create some more on the roll up to christmas, so keep an eye out for them! They will be a variety of etsy small business gift guides to book guides, covering all kinds of topics and areas of interests!

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