Disney Dress Collection

Here’s a few of my Disney Dresses that I adore wearing on a daily basis!

Disney mugs, Disney books, Disney films, Disney accessories and why not Disney dresses? Don’t mind if I do..

So a lot of people know me for wearing my Disney dresses very often and they are an essential for when I visit Walt Disney World! They are just super fun, make a cute outfit walking around the theme parks and you can’t really get lost in them!

These initial designs are from Black Milk Clothing but have been retired since. So I found that people are selling copies of the on eBay. You can find so many different variations online now, including an Aladdin dress and even Disney leggings.

These are all very lightweight, a Spandex/Poly material which dry really fast. This is why I love wearing them to Walt Disney World, as they are appropriate and dry super quickly after Splash Mountain!

Beauty and The Beast

First up is from Beauty And The Beast which is very popular at the moment. Especially with the newest film adaptation that came out!
All of these dresses are in the same style racerback-esque style and are also reversible (I prefer not to do this as I have really broad shoulders).

I absolutely adore this dress so much, it features the stained glass design as seen in the film. It features Belle, the Beast and also the rose. It is a really vibrant dress that flows really nicely and I have had so many compliments on this one!

One thing to bare in mind with this dress in particular.. I ordered a ‘Small’ for every one of these, but this one is the smallest of all. It is much tighter fitting than the rest but is still my favourite!

The Aristocats

Next design is this simple but sweet design of Marie from the Aristocats. I do wish that the blue would stand out a tiny bit better just so you can see Marie a little more. But I adore this dress and again, is worn on a very regular basis.

This one was slightly more baggy compared to the other but it still fits perfectly. The print isn’t too in your face and people have to take a good look to realise what is on it sometimes!

The Cheshire Cat

This is probably one of my most worn designs, along with Beauty And The Beast. It is such a lovely vibrant colour, so you won’t have trouble if you get lost in Disney!

I have had a lot of compliments about this dress too and it fits really well and has a slightly higher neck line than the others!

Again, I ordered this dress in a ‘Small’ but I would say that this one is the best fit on me. You can never really trust different sellers on eBay though. The majority of the time, you will find these coming from China with the odd UK Seller for a higher price.

Where can I get these?

So, where did I purchase these? I actually came across these on eBay when I was searching for original Black Milk Clothing pieces. Black Milk use to sell these dresses for around $70-90 AUD each. So when I found these for a steal at around £5 each, I had to get them straight away!

I believe these ones were shipped from China. Don’t be put off by this, as they are well worth the wait.

Here I have found a few links to similar dresses and sellers, so take a gander. These sellers also sell designs such as Game Of Thrones, Adventure Time, Lord Of The Rings and so on..

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