Cosy Club Hereford Review

That’s right, it’s me again and I am back with a restaurant review this time! I was very kindly invited to Cosy Club in Hereford…

That’s right, it’s me again and I am back with a restaurant review this time!

I was very kindly invited to Cosy Club in Hereford to taste their latest menu, and boy was it hard to decide what to go for!

I had not been to Hereford before, so I jumped at the chance to have a little adventure and a day out! It turns out that Hereford is a really quaint and adorable town with a lot of gorgeous buildings. The sun was also out in full force, too!

The Cosy Club Hereford

What is Cosy Club like?

Once I arrived at Cosy Club, I was greeted by the loveliest team members who made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. The vibe of Cosy Club is full of quirky and eye-catching decor which is scattered throughout the restaurant. Although it is very quirky, it also gives off a really homely and warming feeling too.

I sat at the most colourful shabby-chic table I have seen which was definite instagram material! The candles were lit and I thought that I would start my summers evening off with a Dandelion and Burdock. The menu was full of so many incredible meals from Aubergine Tagine, Buttermilk Fried Chicken to Fish & Chips. So there was plenty of variety for everyone!

The Cosy Club Hereford

What did I have for a main course?

I decided to go with the Thai Green Chicken Curry which came with prawn crackers and spring rolls. (I am getting hungry just writing about this!). This was such a gorgeous dish that was really full of flavour and a great portion size – I almost struggled to fit a dessert in too!

The Cosy Club Hereford

How about dessert?

Do not panic – I did try the dessert! How could I not? Doesn’t everyone have an extra stomach for dessert? I had to try the Salted Caramel Cheesecake which is topped with butterscotch sauce and sweet & salty popcorn. Believe me, this did not disappoint at all. I fell in love with this dessert and still think about it to this day which makes me a little worried whether I would risk trying a different dessert on the menu next time? You know when you find that one perfect dessert but don’t want to sacrifice it for anything else? But then I might not know if I am missing out on something else amazing? That feeling.

The Cosy Club Hereford

Anyway, enough of the rambles and possible salivating..

I had a really great time at Cosy Club in Hereford and am so happy to share an amazing experience with you all. I was really blown away by their service, friendly staff and especially the food. I would highly recommend giving Cosy Club a visit next time you are near (and the Salted Caramel Cheesecake is a must)!

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