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I am back with yet another book extract for you all! This time it is Come Away With Me by Maddie Please. ‘The hilarious feel-good…

I am back with yet another book extract for you all! This time it is Come Away With Me by Maddie Please.

‘The hilarious feel-good romantic comedy you need to read in 2018. Somewhere beyond the sea…’

This is the latest book from Maddie Please, which I am sure will not disappoint! Are you ready for some romance? Some humour? And to be stuck to this story until the end? Well, look no further.

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Here comes the extract..

Don’t get me wrong; usually I loved my job. But I loved it a lot more before my sister started working there.

Dad took over our grandfather’s estate agency in 1998 and it was in a glorious old building in the middle of the high street, next door to the baker’s, perfect for foot traffic and the odd tourist to wander in and enquire after a little place in the country. Actually, thinking about it, we’d had quite a few of those recently.

In my teens I used to help Dad out in the office at weekends and in the school holidays, learning how to answer the phone (smile, Alexa, smile), draw up floor plans and conduct viewings. It was in my blood. The thrill of waiting for an offer to be accepted, of being able to look around gorgeous houses I couldn’t afford, pointing out exciting things, like underfloor heating, ten-inch attic insulation or garden water features, never left me.

It was almost perfect, if only Dad had stopped harking back to the glory times of property when you used to be able to buy a flat in London for buttons and sell it for millions a few years later. Even when we were small he would bang on about getting on the property ladder. It wasn’t as though he’d done badly in recent years, despite the property crash in 2008, but he was only too keen to tell stories of the good old days. Perhaps it was because I was three years older than India, but I paid attention and found something I really loved doing.

I started working with Dad straight out of school, never considering doing anything else. Pretty soon, Dad was happy to leave me to run the office while he and Mum took more and more holidays

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