*A post from the past* Hello again, I know it has been a little while since I posted last, but I have been travelling the…

*A post from the past*

Hello again, I know it has been a little while since I posted last, but I have been travelling the South Island of New Zealand for the last two weeks! It has been so much fun and the scenery is just so beautiful down there, but now it’s time to try and catch up on all of the blog posts! GAH!

I am currently on the ferry back to Wellington and have been on the bus since 7am, so I’m trying to stay awake and productive for the next three hours on this ferry!

Yesterday I arrived at Christchurch, which was a very pretty place. We firstly decided to try and find the Westfield Shopping Centre, so we had to walk through this park in Canterbury which was gorgeous – although, it did remind me of being back home in our parks!
We finally found the shopping centre and I managed to find what I was looking for: Bailey Nelson. I had seen this brand in Australia and have always wanted to get a second pair of glasses whilst travelling as I get bored of the styles! Bailey Nelson are an Australian company that make really cool frames (optical, fashion and sunglasses) for a really affordable price – most of their glasses are just $99 AUD which is so cheap! The quality is still amazing though, they just don’t hire loads and loads of people to manufacture, ship, deliver, adjust them. They do everything themselves!
Anyway, I ended up ordering my glasses – obviously, I loved the more expensive pair.. but still, I can’t wait to get them in the post this week!

We only stayed the one night in Christchurch as I am keen to get back to Wellington quickly, so I can find a job and earn some money, as travelling steals all of it from you!
So like I said, I am now back on the ferry going to the North Island and get settled back in, in a city that I love being at! I cannot wait to get back and sort myself out again, although I am going to miss the South Island so, so, so much as it was incredible and really beautiful 24/7!

So that’s that for my really quick post, I know it was a bit of a ramble!
How has everyone’s last two weeks been? Has anyone read any new amazing books? Let me know, please!

Let me know what you think!

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