A quick little post before I start heading off to Heathrow Airport!
I luckily got emailed by a company called Cadburys Gifts Direct, who sell a massive variety of gifts and hampers! They saw my blog posts and were looking for graduates to send a hamper to, so that we could give one to somebody that has helped with our studies and supported us! Amazing idea!

I decided to split this with my parents and my two flatmates from Cardiff, as I had my last night out before I leave for Australia. We all got together, had a nice evening with some Milk Tray and Moet & Chandon and then we headed for town!

I would like to say a massive thank you to my parents for supporting me with university, especially being understanding of my choice to study Graphic Communication. I have heard that a lot of parents don’t really support Art & Design courses, as they aren’t “academic”..
But I would also like to say a big thank you to my flatmates from Cardiff (David, Jack and Chloe) as they have always been there for me (Jack & David since the beginning). They have put up with me, helped me when I was ill and kept passing out and have even helped when I am stressed out of my brain with uni work!

I would also like to thank Cadburys Gifts Direct for sending me this hamper, it was such a lovely opportunity and it came at the perfect timing!

If you would like to see the massive range of hampers, then visit:


So now it is time for me to pack the last few remainders into my backpack and then I’ll be off to Heathrow to book into the hotel! I will be updating you on more of my adventures, but for the time being don’t expect any other blog posts besides my travel updates! I will also be doing a vlog as well!
I hope you all take care whilst I’m away and make the most out of the summer (if it’s still here)!
I’ll speak to you all soon!