Book Gifting Guide – Christmas 2021

It’s that time of year again! It’s safe to say that I am ready to snuggle up, all cosy with some great new reads this…

It’s that time of year again! It’s safe to say that I am ready to snuggle up, all cosy with some great new reads this winter and I’m sure your nearest and dearest are too after this year.

There is nothing better than having time off work over the holidays, being with family and friends and being able to put your feet up and read. There are some absolutely smashing books coming out this year and I cannot wait to show you all.

Space and technology are one of my big interests and I feel like there have been so, so many amazing releases so far this year. I am always talking to people about the modern day space race, new technologies and more. I feel like it’s so important to get out there, especially after the last two years we have had and connect with people. What better than being able to spark up a conversation about one of your interests where you can find a common interest between you or even spark an interest for somebody else? We are always learning more each day and some of the books I have chosen below can do just that. Come along with me for some book gifting inspiration or even some ideas for a gift for yourself too?

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for those space-loving, tech worshippers in your life? Well look no further, I have the answer. If they have a love for reading, then keep on reading as I go through my top picks for these genres and more..

Before I start, I just wanted to mention as I will be featuring affiliate links within my post. Bookshop is a website where you can shop for all of your books, once you make a purchase you can select an independent book shop of your choice where some of the proceeds will go to also. This is a really great way to support smaller stores especially when you cannot make it into the stores in person. We love supporting small businesses and especially book stores to keep them going strong and to keep providing us with millions of unread mysterious worlds to explore!

Test Gods by Nicholas Schmidle

Does your giftee have an interest in space exploration? Look no further, Test Gods is going to be perfect for readers that want to learn more about the modern day space race that is currently happening. Test Gods talks about Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic; their struggles trying to achieve their goals of taking the public into space and gives a really great insight to the troubles and successes so far for them.

You can purchase this book from Bookshop | Waterstones


Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

That’s right, Andy Weir has brought out another book which I cannot wait for! A lone astronaut must save the earth from a disaster in this book and I am so excited to get stuck in this christmas season. Andy Weir is well known for his previous books Artemis and The Martian which was turned into a very successful movie too! For sci-fi fans that are looking for a fast paced read this winter, this is the one!

I have heard a lot of good things about this one! The main character is the only survivor left on a last chance mission. If he fails the mission, he will not only lose his life but could lose humanity and the earth can diminish also. If Ernest Cline and Tim Peake have given it a great review, then it must be a spectacular read this winter!

You can purchase this book from Bookshop | Waterstones


Limitless by Tim Peake

For the space fans out there, this one is such a great read! Tim Peake tells us all about his life from when he was young, to how he became an astronaut for the ESA and what difference space exploration makes! Limitless is also full of really interesting images of space and his career so far! Definitely a pick up for anybody interested in space!

You can purchase this book from Bookshop | Waterstones

Have younger space fans? Don’t forget that Tim Peake just brought out a middle grade book too called Swarm Rising which looks like a fast paced read full of adventure! An action-packed story with space-age science and technology involved!


Cryptocurrency: How Digital Money Could Transform Finance by Gian Volpiceli

Are they interested in the world of finance? Modern currencies? Cryptocurrency is a great resource full of knowledge about cryptocurrencies, explaining in depth the terminologies, how they are used and how to become involved with them. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this one and actually wrote my dissertation on cryptocurrencies so this really peaked my interest in the topic! There really is a great wealth of information in this book and is also perfect for starters too as all of the terminology is explained simply.

You can purchase this book from Bookshop | Waterstones


Power Hour by Adrienne Herbert

Here comes a really inspiring read! Power Hour is simply all about wishing you could do something but not having the time. Well, this book explains that taking an one hour each day to really focus on something that you are passionate about can make a huge change in your life. The first hour of your day should be to solely focus on your goal, before the rest of the world has woken. This will allow you to grow great habits towards these goals and can help you reach your full potential! I cannot wait to get stuck back into this book and work on my etsy store and other creative goals. I would definitely say that this book could apply to anybody, not just creatives or academics. Everybody has a goal and this could be applied to anything from getting fit to focussing on your mental health and body by taking an hour to truly focus. I would highly recommend this read!

You can purchase this book from Bookshop | Waterstones


Working Hard, Hardly Working by Grace Beverley

This one right here is a Sunday Times #1 Best Seller, so don’t sleep on this one! Working Hard, Hardly Working is a really refreshing read that is full of information on how to become productive, but also whilst having a healthy balance when it comes to work too! We can all feel pressured to push ourselves to the limits, but we also do not want to suffer from burn out! This book shows you how to plan your work efficiently and will hopefully inspire the reader at the same time!

You can purchase this book from Bookshop | Waterstones


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Want more inspiration?

I will be posting some more gift guides as the season approaches, so keep an eye out for those. In the meantime, you can check out some of my other gift guides and book reviews below:

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