Book Buying Tips – Am I addicted to buying books?

Simply put, yes. Yes, I am. This last month, I might have accumulated another 10-12 books which might not seem too bad to others. But…

Simply put, yes. Yes, I am. This last month, I might have accumulated another 10-12 books which might not seem too bad to others. But to me, that’s a lot less space I have on my shelf now!


So the addiction begins..

You are just as addicted to buying books like me? You still have 30 unread books on your shelf but keep buying more? Well, let’s ignite the addiction even more and I’ll share some of my book buying tips with you all.

I absolutely love reading, but I did go through an ebooks phase for years. I am very funny when it comes to feeling cluttered or buying items for a limited time. Once I have read a book, it is more than likely going to be passed on, donated to my library or the local charity shop. So my logic was to always buy kindle books as they were cheaper and take up zero space in my home.

But behold, my brain now craves physical copies. Three new bookshelves later and I have quite the hefty collection now!


Where do I like to purchase books from?

I love to shop around in several different places for books. It mainly depends on my demands for the book, if I am out and about shopping or looking for a specific deal.

The day out: A nice walk through town, pop into Waterstones to have a good browse, admire all of the beautiful covers and then head to Waterstones cafe with the new book. Have a good read, people watch but then of course, you head back downstairs for a second browse and might accidentally come home with another purchase..

The bargain hunt: Thanks to social media, being on bookstagram or in book related facebook groups.. you do see a lot of deals and great finds that others have shared. This is stuff like the amazing 3 for £5 at The Works or £2 paperbacks on Amazon at the moment.


The latest deals from Amazon

Amazon have recently been selling paperbacks for £2 and £3. These are the books you will see the most of all over facebook groups, instagram..

Before you purchase here though, don’t forget to check The Works too as they are sometimes in their 2 for £5 deals too! (Plus you get extra books for your soul).

Here are a few goodies that I have seen recently:



The Saboteur Of Auschwitz –

Fighting For Your Life: A Paramedic’s Story  –

The Familiars –

The Chain – (Also in The Works 3 for £5)

The Alibi Girl –


The Catch –

The Babysitter –

The Search Party –

The Guest List –

In Five Years –

Some of these do expire and go back up in price though, so be quick!

The latest deals from The Works

The Beekeeper Of Aleppo –

The Silent Patient –

Half A World Away –

If You Go Down To The Woods –

(All in 3 for £5)

Cashback on books?

Yes! Cashback sites like Topcashback and Quidco are amazing for getting free money back from all of the purchases you were going to make anyway. All you have to do it sign up to these sites, here are my links for some extra cash bonuses on top too:

Topcashback – Get a cash bonus when you sign up using my link! (Usually a free £5!)

Quidco – Get £10 once you earn £5 cashback!

Once you are signed up, just search for the website you want to use, click on ‘Get cashback’ and it’ll direct you to the site that you want to use. Just purchase like normal and the cashback sites will track the money for you. Boom! Free money!

I love to use this for all of my purchases, why not get a little extra change every time you shop? It all adds up, then you can treat yourself to something with some vouchers! (or get the cash payout, but vouchers have extra payout incentives!)


Get loyalty points and spend

Don’t forget that most stores will have a loyalty scheme for their customers. The Works and Waterstones love to do this.

Waterstones have a scheme called Waterstones Plus that gives you a stamp for every £10 spent and sometimes have double stamp promotions too!

The Works has a loyalty card called Together Rewards that gives you points per pound, then you can cash out a voucher to spend in-store on online.

Waterstones Plus Card image


Swap your finished or unwanted books with others

There are so many facebook groups out there at the moment. Search for ‘book swaps’ or ‘book lovers’ on facebook and you will find so many. People love to swap, sell books just for the postage costs and more.


Buying secondhand books

Don’t forget to go to your local charity shops, especially after lockdown people have given away a lot of books they read during their spare time. Secondhand Bookstores are always great too and would appreciate the love at these times!

If you cannot go out, then there’s always sites like MusicMagpie, Amazon.. They all have a used section too. Again, don’t forget facebook groups too! Plenty of people trying to swap and sell their used books.


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