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For christmas, I jumped on the technology trending bandwagon and I received an Apple Watch. I have been eyeing one up for quite some time…

For christmas, I jumped on the technology trending bandwagon and I received an Apple Watch. I have been eyeing one up for quite some time now, although when they first came out I thought that it was going to be something that I wouldn’t use really.
I have a Stainless Steel Apple Watch which came with a white strap, that I have now changed to a dusty lilac colour for the time being! I like to mix things up every now and then!

So I charged it up on christmas day, plopped it on and it hasn’t really come off since (obviously for charging and sleeping – duh!) but it has become really handy! The ease of checking my messages and emails quickly and not having to go get my phone. Or even when I’m in work and I’ll get a message from my mother to pick something up on the way home (as I don’t usually check my phone until I get home and miss the texts!) it’s just much easier to quickly browse at this and be kept up to date!

The software is fast, no glitches for me yet, no problems at all. I even have some KitSound Outrun bluetooth, wireless earphones to go with my Apple Watch and these work perfectly and connect quickly! Great add on!

Although I think that this is a really handy gadget, the only downsides are that there’s no actual apps for WhatsApp, Snapchat and Spotify. This is fine, but I have had to turn off my notifications for Snapchat as I won’t be able to see the images on my watch anyway!
Although I thought this was a downside, I think that I am just going to switch from Spotify to Apple Music for the time being (Sorry, my beloved Spotify). It’s just easier to keep everything in sync and for everything to work perfectly fine!

It is very handy for if I’m driving, I can just tap the answer button and I don’t have to do anything else – especially when it connects to my bluetooth system automatically in the car too! Speak away or throw those tunes on and get singing!


I just really like the feel of having all of my calendars up to date, so I can just check up on anything with a blink of an eye and it’s as simple as that! No need to faff about on my phone, trying to find my calendar! Also, the fact that you can switch around all of the straps, hits a soft spot with me. I love that it is customisable as I like to change things around and keep them fresh every now and then – so this is such a great hit with me!

So far, I haven’t got any games on it and am not sure on how I feel about that, but I’m pretty sure that I’ll update you on all that next time!

I do understand that the Apple Watch might not be for everyone but for people like me, who are in the Design/Tech Industry this becomes very handy to keep everything in sync – I would highly recommend it!

Have any of you got an Apple Watch? Do you like it? Love it? Hate it?
I want to know your opinions!

Apple Watch: JOHN LEWIS
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KS Outrun Earphones: CURRYS

Let me know what you think!

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