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Now we are in this strange time of lockdown all around the world, I have been taking more time to reflect on things.. With everything…

Now we are in this strange time of lockdown all around the world, I have been taking more time to reflect on things..

With everything going on at the moment, it’s more important now than ever to focus on what makes us happy and appreciate the small pleasures in day-to-day life. I am fortunate enough to run a small business alongside my other projects. I have had an Etsy store on the side of my day job for a few years now, where I would sell handmade items. On my page I like to feature enamel pins, handmade pouches, Cricut cut files and more..

So, let’s get stuck into what I love about having a small business!

Being able to work from anywhere

This is such a huge factor for me, being able to work from wherever I am. I like to travel a lot and am always onto a new adventure, so I like to be able to just carry my laptop with me and off I go! As long as I have a way of sending items out, it’s easy breezy from there!

Being able to use any packaging you feel comfortable with

Everybody is talking about how to be more environmentally conscious these days and I think it is incredible. We are forever seeing companies using way too much plastic and packaging for their items, when it is not necessary. So by having my own small business, I am able to use whatever materials I like and it is all under my control.

For my packaging, I really enjoy using materials like this cardboard packaging from Lil Packaging. Not only is a recyclable, but it is better for the environment too.

Being able to be creative

I love to be creative, and having my own small business it means that I can do it whenever I want to. Some days I will have a really creative streak, where all I want to do is get more products onto my online store. Some days, maybe I want to take a back seat for a bit.

I also really enjoy the creative freedom it gives me. I can design anything I want to, with no boundaries and that is all I want.

Earning a little spare cash

Everybody likes to make money, right? My etsy store is just a hobby for me, where I can really express my creative side, learn new skills and have fun. If I can make a few pennies at the same time, then why not put them towards more materials and improve more?

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