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Most of you know that I love to get creative on a daily basis. I have a passion for creating new products and designs to…

Most of you know that I love to get creative on a daily basis. I have a passion for creating new products and designs to share with you all. I know that there is a lot of you out there that always say ‘I wish I could create something, but I don’t have the artistic abilities’ well that’s where Design Bundles can come in.


What is Design Bundles?

Design Bundles is a marketplace where you can get your hands on all kinds of materials from graphics, patterns, mockups and templates. They also have Curated Design Bundles that are up to 96% of the recommended retail price.

If you are a designer/illustrator, you can actually apply to have your designs on the marketplace too.


Let’s get creative..

Although you might not think you have an artistic flair to create your own assets, why not use Design Bundles? You can search through their gigantic marketplace full of different designs. Whether you need an illustration to use on your blog, want to create a cute print for in your home, or to use as a piece of branding for your own needs..

You want to create a really cute handmade gift for a family member or friend? You can purchase a design from Design Bundles like this Stitch SVG and apply it to whatever medium you wanted.

You want to create some cute water bottles? You could purchase a design from Design Bundles, cut the design out of vinyl (preferably using a cutting machine like a Silhouette or Circuit) and stick straight onto the product for a professional finish!

Want to boost traffic to your site? Use some of these designs to create beautiful pins for pinterest.

Want a new look for your blog or website? Use some of these designs combined with a font to create something new.

Just want to practice on your photoshop skills? You can use these files to do so.


Releasing your creativity

I feel like if you are a creative person, but don’t have an outlet to use that creativity then Design Bundles is so great for that. Maybe you are more hands on when it comes to crafting? Myself, personally am more computer and digital orientated, but it is the same kind of jist that I use for my etsy store items. I create digital files (like the ones sold on Design Bundles), I then work out what I want to create and how I am going to transfer that into a finished product.

Take my magnetic bookmarks for example..
I will create an illustration on my iPad in the Procreate app, then turn it into a vector file in Adobe Illustrator (or create it from there in the beginning). This will be an SVG file like this Geek SVG from Design Bundles then I will use my cutting machine to create the actual product. From there, your creative can take hold and you can go as wild as you want.


Have fun with designs

With Design Bundles, it makes it so easy to find a variety of designs, mock ups, patterns.. What better way to have fun with creating? Want to try something outside of your comfort zone? Design Bundles is there for you, to provide whatever materials you may need.

If you want to focus this creativity towards your blog, social media pages and more then that is possible too. Use these amazing designs to create branding for your site. You can create a logo, backgrounds, business card designs, youtube intro graphics, instagram story templates, backgrounds for Pinterest posts..

The possibilities are endless!


Why do I love being creative?

Being creative makes me so happy. My main goal in life is to be able to be creative on a daily basis for my full income. There is nothing better than having the freedom to do something that makes you so happy and feel alive.

I really enjoy looking at the latest trends, what is popular in the design world at the moment, what motifs and icons are trending.. You also get to meet so many talented people when you share your work with the world. Not only will people enjoy your work, which makes you smile but you can also inspire others to give themselves joy through hobbies too.


Too scared to branch out?

My thought on life is, how do you know if you haven’t tried? Don’t be scared to try something completely new! Avoid copyright infringements by using some of the designs from Design Bundles and have fun trying a new hobby. There are so many possibilities when using these designs, whether you want it to be a physical or digital product in the end.

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  1. This sounds like a really incredible little website I’ve actually never heard of it before! Thanks for sharing x

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