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What makes your home, a home? What makes your home so special and unique to you? What do you want out of a home?  …

What makes your home, a home? What makes your home so special and unique to you? What do you want out of a home?


What makes my home a home?

I am a complete home body. I love to stay in, get curled up with a really good book or tv series and settle down. Being able to have that calm space where I can do whatever I want is so important to me.

I love to decorate my home with small touches in small sections. I don’t like to clutter up my home, but in a sense I clutter up a tiny part of a room in a decorative way. For example, my home has plenty of bookshelves which are half of the time, purely decorative. Although my books have kinda taken over recently..

I really like to mix books in with decorative pieces that mean something to me. Whether it’s a souvenir piece from somewhere, a design piece, artwork from small businesses or lights. In my home, you will find fairy lights in almost every room.. apart from the bathroom (but there’s always still time, don’t you worry..)

I recently purchased some curtain lights along with voile curtains to go in my bedroom. Super simple but they have really tied the room in together now and looks super cosy!


Sometimes it’s the things you didn’t think of..

I feel that you can decorate your home as beautifully as possible, but without great lighting it can miss that mark. Having windows in a perfect condition is a massive plus, you will really see the difference. This is so important to me also, as I love to use natural lighting for recording vlogs or taking product photos for my etsy store too.

Where can you get amazing quality windows from? TuffX Glass is a toughened glass suppliers in the UK who have provided windows for buildings such as The Shard and Edinburgh Zoo. If that doesn’t show how important great windows are, then I don’t know what does! They do products from conservatory glass, roof lights, toughened glass and so much more.


A personal touch

I feel like it is so important for a home to have a personal touch and not to just follow trends. Definitely take a trend and incorporate it into your home, in a style that suits you. I really like mixing decorative pieces amongst photographs of family or items that have a strong meaning to them.

It is not all about appearance either, think of all the senses. Touch – comfy, soft blankets to snuggle up in. Scent – candles that can bring back a fond memory or favourite place. Taste – make the most of your home, start baking – you never know if your goods will create memories for the future, good or bad!


What makes your home, a home?

Feel free to drop me some comments below on what you think makes your home, a home. I would leave to hear if any of you have any tips for decorating, creating a cosy place for relaxation or just some conversation in general!



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  1. I’m the same as you, a personal touch really makes it a home to me too! I also think the lightening at night really matters x

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