Title: Wool

Author: Hugh Howey

Purchase: Available in the UK on Amazon

Overall Rating: 4/5

Great For:  Fans of the Hunger Games


Review: I finished this book and I immediately want to read the next in the series!
To put this book simply, like others have said, it’s got a similar theme to the hunger games but for an older audience.. Obviously it’s not the same kind of story, but it’s got a familiar feel to it!

The world has become dangerous outside to live in, people now live indoors for the rest of their lives. But what happens if you try to escape?

Sometimes I got a little confused with the character names in the book, but when it came towards the end, I finally got the hang of it – but that might just be me!
I found that this book really draws you into the atmosphere and environment that they’re in, and you want to carry on reading to find out what happens to them. It can be a little slow on times, but it is worth it in the end!

Have any of you read this, or the other in the series?

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