What I miss whilst travelling..

There are a lot of things that I miss now and feel like I have taken for granted before. Most of these are just some…

There are a lot of things that I miss now and feel like I have taken for granted before. Most of these are just some of the small things in life, but what use to make me happy whilst chilling around the place!
So, here we go!

– Friends and family (obvious one, there.)
I miss the flexibility of being able to see my friends and family whenever I can.
I can still see them now, but the smallest things make it harder like the time difference, missing special dates and the distance.
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– Trifle (Yes, I know.)
If you often read my blog, you will know that I love trifle. I have only found one in Australia so far and it was not what I thought!
Turns out the cream is actually natural yoghurt.. EW!

– Pampering Myself
I miss coming back from university or town with my friends, I would throw Netflix on and catch up on series whilst pampering myself.
Oh, how I miss having a skincare routine, moisturising all over daily, plastering my face in either a mask or oil, painting my nails a different colour every 2-3 days and taking care of the vile split ends!
Now.. I can officially say.. I am a traveller.

– My Own Bed
That’s right, living in hostels that have at least 4, 8, 12 or even 16 person rooms – it gets to you after a while!
It’s not too bad, but you start to miss having your own space and a bit of privacy and quiet some days! But hey, when I go farming, I’ll possibly get a room to myself! Wahoo!

– Sharing Moments with friends back home
Moments like birthdays, nights out, our daily starbucks fix, cinema days, rainy days, going to London with Glen at christmas and in the summer.

– My Possessions
I miss having my own room, which held all of my possessions. Even the smallest of things like having my make up laid out neatly, a row of shoes and dresses hung up in a wardrobe (instead of being stuffed into a backpack constantly – the Queen of Creases, here).
My xbox, playing music out loud in my room and having a dance about or getting ready for a night out, having a junk food day with a lot of Netflix!

– My Parka Coat
Yup, that’s right. Wearing my Parka Coat that has the fluffy lining inside. It is the comfiest coat going, I love it – I wear it all of the time, use it as a pillow on journeys, use it as a blanket or padding, it just feels like you’re having a duvet day! Even if it’s warm outside, I still have the urge to wear it haha!
I could really use it in Melbourne at the moment, but that would NEVER fit in my backpack! I struggle to find a hoodie in, at the moment!

Although I say that I miss these, I chose to leave those things and to make new memories and explore more things in life. I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to travel and I love every minute of it. Although you’re having a create time, you always have a laugh with other travellers about the smallest things in life that you miss. Like the other day, I was so happy when I found Sellotape. Like, over the moon haha! It’s such a weird thought, but hey! I am going to really miss travelling, although I will love my own bed again haha! One day!

What are the things you take for granted? And what do you miss?

Let me know what you think!

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