Oh my, THIS BOOK! You thought that Fifty Shades Of Grey went into detail? Nope!
Well, I was about 18 and I was browsing at the books in HMV. I am a graphic design student, so I always go for books by the covers and took a risk by not reading the blurb. THE SHOCK I HAD!

So, I started reading this book and I was in a hysteric fit of laughter! But at other times, complete disgust.
It is a VERY detailed book about how a girl gets pleasure from things like dirty underwear (to be discreet with the description that this book had) and how she takes the stone from avacado’s and waits until it hardens, so she can use it to masterbate with.

Yes, you could imagine my shock. I only managed to read 1/3 of the book, as I didn’t know if it was funny or creepy hahaha! So yes, I gave up on this one.

So I guess, here is me giving you a warning – to read the back of books, before reading them.
I can’t even rate this book!


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